Radio DVD players are useful electronics to have. If on the road and you've exhausted your DVD collection, just flip it over to either an AM or FM frequency and listen to an American top 40 list or Sean Hannity battling it out with a guest who doesn't quite agree with his political views. Also, if you happen to be driving late at night and you've just finished watching some sci-fi alien flick, switch it over to Coast to Coast AM to continue your exploratory quest into the unknown. Radio DVD players are also more dependable than most portable DVD/TV players since you can't always receive a good DTV signal which usually results in scare channel availability. Of course, if in a big city that probably shouldn't be a problem, but in other places a radio frequency can be found easier. Granted a booster antenna would help with those issues, but then you'd have to spend the extra money. So if you're looking for a radio DVD player to install in your car, or just need a standalone CD boombox with DVD player, below are a few products listed that seem to be doing well for customers.


Currently, the Pioneer AVH-P4300DVD is a bestselling car DVD player with online retailers. With a 7-inch LCD touchscreen and all the connectivity options available, it makes a good vehicle add-on for a more entertaining ride. If you happen to have an iPhone or iPad and you have the Pandora app installed, this can link to that app so you can listen to all your custom radio stations from Pandora with your car audio system. You can also watch your Divx movies via the SD/SDHC memory card slot available. There's a Duel Zone feature that lets you divide the vehicle into zones so you can either watch movies up front and have the radio playing in the back or vice versa. Also, if you have a nice sound system in you vehicle or are planning on upgrading, there are three RCA pre-outs that you can use to route the unamplified signal to an external amplifier.


Pyle, another popular car electronics company, has a marked-down double-din DVD player over on Amazon with model PLDN70U. This 7-inch player installs right into the dash and can be controlled via its remote. It'll play various disc formats, and has tons of connectivity options (USB, SD/MMC card slot), but it goes beyond entertainment with its rear camera output. This navigating feature can be useful to new drivers or families with children who often play outside. And a motorized front panel will ensure your screen stays intact when not in use. It offers good value with its available features since its been discounted quite a bit, so overall not a bad purchase for those looking for quality radio DVD players

cd boomboxCredit: spartsam


If you want to be entertained outside of the vehicle. A CD boombox with DVD from Magnasonic is a well-received product by customers on Amazon. The MAG-MDVD500 is your simple DVD/CD player with a 7-inch widescreen. For those who often complain about poor sound from portable DVD players, a CD/DVD boombox would definitely remedy that issue. It plays all the formats a typical portable DVD player would play (DVD and CD-R/RW plus DVD+R/RW), it also views files from a flash drive or memory card and hooks up to a TV making it a default DVD player, but of course with the speakers built for audio playback, sound would cease to be an issue. All these features make this boombox decent portable DVD and CD player.

As always, when it comes to installing in-dash DVD players, if you're not sure how to do it there are plenty of tutorials to be found on the web. But if you're really not the handyman or woman, a professional would be ideal. And of course it's probably not a good idea to view DVD movies while driving besides being illegal.

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