The Radio Flyer company began in 1917 when recent immigrant Antonio Pasin bought some woodworking equipment and began constructing wagons at night and selling them during the day. By 1923, Pasin's business had grown to include several employees. Pasin named his first steel wagon the Radio Flyer, and the rest is history. Generations of young boys have grown up pulling each other around and riding down hills in these durable wagons.

Today, the Radio Flyer company is still going strong and making durable toys for children. They also still make wagons for young children. The difference is that their wagons are made of plastic, in addition to wood and metal.

Here is a list as well as a description of the wagons that Radio Flyer has available nowadays.

Big Red Classic ATW, this is the modern-day version of the classic, all-steel wagon. There are a few changes that have taken place over the years. The first one is that the wagon no longer has those thin, hardened plastic wheels. Nowadays, they use thick, air-filled, all terrain tires. These tires are also on a wider base to make tipping less likely. The sides of the wagon are twice as high as they used to be. With a weight capacity of 200 pounds, you will not break this wagon easily.

Kid's Wheelbarrow, what kid doesn't like to mimic what he or she sees his parents doing. With all steel, seamless construction, real wooden handles and a molded wheels, this toy is not one that will be broken the day after christmas.

Classic Walker Wagon, this is a "first walker" wagon that was designed with the toddler who is just beginning to walk in mind. With its wooden construction and molded and treaded wheels, this is another toy that will withstand whatever your toddler wants to do to it. It also features a front bumper so it will be a little easier on your expensive furniture.

Town and Country Wagon, way back when, my parents loaded my sister and I into one of these and took us for walks. I can still remember that. Then, I bought one and took my own children for walks. With removable wooden sides for easy loading, steel wheels and real rubber tires this is another toy that you might be able to pass down to your children's' children someday.

Ultimate Family Wagon, this truly is the ultimate, big plastic wagon. This thing has everything including a canopy that will keep direct sunlight off of your children. There are two seats in the wagon that can be folded 5 ways so your children will be able to sit several different ways. It also has seat belts for added safety. I like the seat belts because my children were extra squirmy when they were young.

I am happy that the Radio Flyer company is still around. Just seeing one brings back some fond and nostalgic memories. What strikes me is that they are still making toys that are constructed so that they will stand the test of time and your children!