Ragamuffins are a fairly recent breed of cat.  In fact they have only been in existence since the 1990s.  These felines are a popular choice for a pet due to their very sweet and agreeable natures. 

 A Ragamuffin's behavior is similar to a dog.  She will love to sit on your lap and keep you company.  They are  a very affectionate and easy going animal.  The Ragamuffin identifies very strongly with its owner.  If there are several people in your home the cat will befriend all of them.  However it is likely the feline will have one person in particular they are attached to.  Generally this will be the one who is at home a lot of the time.  

If you are looking for well behaved pet for companionship and comfort, you may want to consider owning a Ragamuffin.  

A Ragamuffin CatCredit: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:20050922AmarilloRes.jpg

Tips For Adopting a Ragamuffin Cat

Ragamuffins are a good choice if you want a cat that will be easy to care for and keep you company.  However, there are a few things  you should know about this breed.

Cats are generally independent creatures.  As long as they have food, water and access to a litter box, you can leave them alone for hours without feeling guilty about it.  They can even be left overnight if necessary.  Domestic breeds like people, but they don't get anxious if they are by themselves, unless it is for very long periods of time. Ragamuffin catCredit: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:What_are_you_up_to%3F_(7750736126).jpg

However, a Ragamuffin cat will not do well if they are on their own for too many hours.   Dogs become upset if their owners are gone for very long, and Ragamuffins react in the same way.

So if you anticipate the cat will be left alone on a regular basis, this might not be the best breed for you to adopt.  However, if you or someone in the house is often at home, you will love a Ragamuffin.

A Ragamuffin will often come to the door when you arrive home.  She may also follow you from one room to the other.  They can be vocal at times, but are not excessively loud.  Usually they will vocalize when they want attention.  Otherwise you should not hear much meowing from the pet.  She will be easy to please and won't demand much, except for some undivided attention.  

Also, although they have longer fur than many other breeds, they don't shed as badly.  Their fur is easy  to brush.  Brushing is something the cat will enjoy having done.  The pet can be bathed too.  Bathing keeps their coat soft and silky and makes the cat feel better.  A bath greatly reduces dander.  This will help anyone in the home who may have some allergy issues with cats.  Since they are docile a bath should not be too difficult to manage.  

Ragamuffins should be kept in the home.  It is not safe to let them wander outside.  Most cats instinctively understand dangers and how to protect themselves.  However, this is not the case with Ragamuffins.   They are at higher risk for injuries or death when left on their own outdoors.  Unlike many other felines, Ragamuffins do not have a natural desire to spend time outdoors.  

Also, since they are very sweet and friendly, someone  may be tempted to take the cat home with them.  This is why the best thing you can do for your pet is keep it in the house.  

These cats will quickly adjust to a new home and family members.   They are not very active felines but will generally enjoy playing with some toys, particularly if you offer some encouragement and interaction .  A climbing post or other activities will give the pet some exercise. 

I place my cat's litter box downstairs so she will get some exercise going up and down.  Litter pans should be placed in a private place  if at all possible.  Cats like a private area just as people do. A Ragamuffin is a good pet for children and for elderly people.  

More About Ragamuffin Cats

Ragamuffins cannot be easily identified like some domestic cats, such as Siamese.  This breed does  not have any distinct colors or coat pattern.  However, they do have a few characteristics that are common to all.

This type of cat is  bigger than average size  and is usually quite muscular.    Most cats are fully physically mature in about 12 months, but Ragamuffins take a few years to reach maturity.   They will not be fully developed until they are about five years old.  That's in human years!  At maturity many of them will weigh as much as 20 pounds.  


Short Animal Planet Video about Ragamuffin Cats

History of Ragamuffin Cats

As I previously noted, this cat breed has only been in existence for about twenty years.  They are related to Ragdoll cats.

Ragdolls have been around since the 1970s.  Ann Baker was the person who first bred these cats.  She had very strict guidelines about breeding Ragdolls because she wanted them to remain very unique.   Any type of cross breeding was forbidden.Ragamuffin  catCredit: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Ramu_(6873201112).jpg

A group of breeders who did not agree with her restrictions decided to form their own group.  One striking feature that all Ragdolls have in common is their docile, sweet nature.  They wanted to maintain that desirable characteristic in a new breed.  They out crossed  various types of domestic cats which resulted in a new feline  they named Ragamuffin.

These cats proved to be popular right from the beginning.   However it is not always easy to find one to adopt.  They are not common like most domestic cat breeds are.

Most domestic cats can be adopted for free or low cost.  Shelters will usually only charge people for a vet exam and spaying or neutering if that has not already been done.

Since these cats are specifically bred and may be in short supply,  you will probably  have to pay more if you want one.  In some areas it might be difficult to find a Ragamuffin that is needing a new home.   

However, you will almost certainly love a Ragamuffin and be glad you made the choice of adopting one.  Pets become one of the family, and we get very attached to them.   Many cats are quite happy to live anywhere that food and shelter is provided.  However a Ragamuffin will bond with you personally.  This is what makes this breed so appealing for anyone,  but particularly seniors.  

Thanks for taking the time to read this article.   Comments are welcome as well, particularly if you have one of these cats or did in the past.