Two Ragdoll Cats
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If you are thinking of getting a cat, you may want to consider adopting a ragdoll.  These felines are  an excellent choice for a pet.  They are very sweet, and love people of all ages.

Ragdoll cats are known for their beautiful blue eyes and soft, silky coat.  Ragdolls tend to be larger than most other feline breeds.   The adult female often weighs 14 or 15 pounds, and the males are about 5 pounds heavier.   Ragdolls take up to four years to fully develop.  Most other breeds mature in about a year. 

The Ragdoll has the best temperament of any breed of cat.  They have a very sweet, compliant nature.  They are happy to sit on your lap and to cuddle.  Many cats do not like being  picked up, but Ragdolls love it.   In fact, they tend to go limp when they are held.  This unusual characteristic is how they got their name.  

Ragdolls are  ideal pets for seniors or for those who have young children  Children will need to be taught  how to handle the pet properly.  The cat will love to sleep on your bed, and will stay with you all night.   The pet can be trained to sleep in a cat bed or another area of the house if you do not want a cat sleeping with you at night.   Ragdolls like to please their owners.

History of the Ragdoll

These cats were first developed in the 1960s.  A  woman from California had a typical cat named Josephine.  She gave birth to several litters of ordinary kittens.  Then one day Josephine was seriously hurt in an accident.  Josephine seemed to make a full recovery after receiving medical treatment, although her owner noticed that she was much more passive than she had been before her injury.  Seal colorpoint ragdollCredit:

Some time later Josephine gave birth to a new litter of kittens.  There was one characteristic all the kittens had which made them different from earlier litters.  They all had an extremely docile nature, and would go limp when picked up.  The owner didn't think too much of it until Josephine had another litter of completely docile kittens.   Most people consider this a very desirable trait in a pet.   The owner to decide to selectively breed these cats.

She started her own cat association and selected the name Ragdoll.   The breed proved to be popular in the United States and Canada.  Eventually a few Ragdolls  were sent to the United Kingdom to begin expanding the breed outside the North American continent.  

There were very strict guidelines for many years about the breeding of  these felines.   However, some people thought that the very submissive and easy-going nature was not an entirely good thing.  These animals do not sense danger or know how to defend themselves the way most other cats do by instinct.  Their passive personalities also gave some the impression that they were resistant to pain.  Ragdolls feel pain as much as other felines,  although they seldom vocalize pain or any emotions that would be typical of other cats.

In the 1990s, a new cat association began.  Their goal was to develop yet another new breed of feline.  For the first time, Ragdolls gave birth to kittens who were mixed breeds.  This is how the Ragamuffin cat was first developed.  

Why a Ragdoll is a Good Choice for A Pet

Ragdolls make a good pet because they are so good-natured and affectionate.  They are wonderful companions and love to be around other people.  Ragdolls become very attached to humans, much like dogs.  These felines do not like to be left alone for long periods.  This is why they are an excellent pet for seniors or for a household that often has someone at home. 

It is a good idea to keep them indoors.   If you want the pet to enjoy fresh air and spend some time outside, they should be kept  in an enclosed area for their own safety.  They don't have the same sharp instincts as other cats do, and would not necessarily know how to defend themselves.  They aren't aware of obvious dangers, such as dogs, cars and so on.   The pet could easily be taken from someone else due to their friendly and trusting nature.   Most of the time Ragdolls will not hesitate to go to strangers.  Sleeping ragdollCredit:

Ragdolls are usually quiet felines who seldom meow.  If they are vocal, it is usually due to hunger or wanting attention.   They tend to follow people around the house and will be happy to see you when you come home.  





Caring for Ragdoll Cat

Caring for a Ragdoll is not that different from any other breed.  However, there are a few things  you should be aware of if you are thinking of adopting one. 

Ragdolls are more susceptible to heart or kidney disease than other cats.  The reason is unknown.  However, with good care from their owners and a vet, they can live as long as other breeds.  Ragdoll kittenCredit: Credit:

They do not have a thick undercoat as many other felines, so there won't be as much matting and shedding .   However, the kitty will  still need some help with grooming.  The cat will love having its coat brushed.  This  helps reduce hairballs and keeps them comfortable.  The coat tends to be very soft and feels quite silky. You may wish to give them a bath a few times a year. It isn't difficult to bathe a cat that has an easy going disposition.  Be sure to use shampoo that is especially made for cats, rather than humans.  This will prevent the coat from becoming too dry or itchy.  

Ragdolls need some exercise just like every other feline.  They usually enjoy playing with toys, particularly if you play with them.  They will also use a scratching post.

All cats like to have privacy when using the litter box, so it is a good idea to place it in an area where the cat is alone and won't be observed by others.  You will need a fairly large box as they do grow quite large.  

If you want to adopt a cat, you really can't go wrong with a Ragdoll.  If you have children, they will love taking care of a sweet and affectionate companion.

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