Guide to Ragnarok Online 2 Mounts

Ragnarok Online 2 is an MMORPG with anime-like graphics. This guide will show you step-by-step how to get your first Peco Peco Reins.

How to get your first mount in Ragnarok Online 2

Mounts in Ragnarok Online 2 aren't just for looks (although they look pretty awesome), they increase your movement speed to at least 140% or more if you're using special mounts. Unless you're getting your mount from the item mall, your first mount would most likely be the Peco Peco Reins with the 140% speed.

The Peco Peco mount in RO2 costs 10 Zeny and you will need to be level 15 before you can use it. It isn't difficult to get to 10 Zeny if you're doing the quests and not wasting your Zeny on equipment (which you can get from the main quest) or crafting junk (which was unfortunately what I did what I first started)

Ragnarok Online 2 Mounts - Peco Peco ReinsCredit: Screenshot by Sy

You can find the Peco Peco for sale in the city of Prontera. If you're following the Main Quest, you should be able to find the city of Prontera before you reach level 15.

The NPC Taksi sells the mount for 10 Zeny. You can find Taksi at the coordinates N 800, S 1000 in Prontera. To view the coordinates, press M to turn on your map. You will see your current coordinates at the bottom of the map as well as the coordinates of any location on the map that you hover your mouse.

Ragnarok Online 2 Mounts Map
Credit: Screenshot by Sy

The NPC that sells your first mount can be found at 800,1000 in Prontera.

Once you purchase your mount from the Mount Manager, you will find it in your inventory. Simply right click on it to add the mount to your collection. After that, press I for the full list of mounts and navigate to the 'Own' tab. Click on your new ride, press the Board button, and you're done!

RO2 Mounts ScreenCredit: Screenshot by Sy

As a side note, you can view all the mounts and their stats under the All tab if you haven't checked it out yet.

Should you get a mount from the Item Mall?

It depends on which Ragnarok Online 2 you're playing. If you're playing the International/North American version, go ahead because it's absolutely worth it! Currently, you can get a mount using a Premium Mount Box for 100 KafraCash, which is just US$1. You'll get a mount for at least 14 days with a chance of getting a permanent one.

If you're playing the Southeast Asian version of RO2, I would not recommend buying your ride from the item mall because prices right now are ridiculous. They are like S$10 each and temporary.

Other ways you can get mounts

Buy them from the auction house

The auction house is located in the middle of Prontera and contains items listed by other players for sale. You can find plenty of cash shop items including Ragnarok online 2 mounts there.

However, these mounts are usually temporary if you are looking to buy one within budget (under 25 Zeny). I would suggest saving up for a 150% mount such as the Nippy Peco Peco which is about 20 Zeny or so in the auction house and lasts for 14 days. The regular Peco Peco that you can get (and is permanent) is 140% so you'll notice a little difference in speed. I find it easier to go exploring with a 10% extra and it probably will save you more time in the long run. The Zeny is pretty easy to earn back.

160% speed mounts are also available but these are too expensive to be considered for a beginner.

Buy them from other players

Some players vend mounts in a shop and you might find cheap ones now and then but they're usually more expensive than the auction house. So before you buy from a player, check the prices in auction.

Some players sell the Peco Peco mount for 15 Zeny when it is only sold at the Mount NPC for 10 Zeny. Be sure to check the name and speed of the mount so you don't overpay for it.

Events and dungeon drops

As far as I know, the SEA version has had events where you can win them from time to time. A spider-like one known as Argos was also recently released in the RO2 SEA as a Dungeon drop.

The international version of Ragnarok Online 2 hasn't had any event that gave away mounts that I know of and they're a bit behind the SEA version in terms of updates so my guess is they probably will have them as dungeon drops in the future.