Ragnarok Online 2: Legend of the Second

Ragnarok Online 2 is a sequel to the popular anime MMORPG Ragnarok Online. Ragnarok Online 2 was officially launched in Southeast Asia (SEA) on 3 January by Asiasoft 2013 and in North America on 1 May 2013 by Gravity. Both versions of RO 2 are in English but users are limited to registering for the game in their own regions although many have reported that the limitation can be bypassed  by using a proxy server or a VPN during registration. The following Ragnarok Online 2 review talks about the Southeast Asian version. The review for the North American RO 2 is available here.

RO 2 Trailer

In case you haven't seen it yet

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Did you know that the Ragnarok series is available on the PS Vita as well as various other consoles too? While the PS Vita version is not an MMORPG and runs on a different storyline than RO 2, it supports online play for up to 4 players with stunning visuals, quests, a crafting system, and highly customizable characters.

What is Ragnarok Online 2?

Ragnarok Online 2, like its predecessor, is set in a fantasy world with monsters, magical runes, portals, and the sort of things you'd expect in any fantasy mmorpg. The game begins with a video that explains the background story. In R02 SEA, this is narrated in Korean with English subtitles. Most people in Southeast Asia do not speak or understand Korean so I have no idea why they left the narration on. I thought it was really distracting and they should have just switched the voice off.

What's new?

I only briefly played the original Ragnarok Online, so the most noticeable difference was that RO 2 is in 3D! Well, not the type of 3D where you have to wear funky-looking glasses, but in a 3D perspective. I prefer games in the 3D perspective, so the 3D view in RO2 feels like an improvement over the original 2D-ish sort of view. Someone I know says they get motion sickness from playing games with 3D perspectives (lol). If you're afflicted with such an unfortunate ailment, zooming out all the way may help.

Original Ragnarok Online in 2D -ish

Ragnarok Online
Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/steventom/103067530/

A screenshot of the original Ragnarok Online.

RO2 with its 3D perspective

Ragnarok Online 2 Review
Credit: Ragnarok Online 2 Screenshot by Sy

A screenshot of RO 2. I don't know about you but looks like a huge improvement to me :)

Ragnarok Online 2 classes and jobs

Classes in RO 2

You start out as one of the five basic classes, Swordsman, Magician, Archer, Thief, and Acolyte. At level 25, each basic class has the option of changing to one of two different upgrades.

  • For Swordsman, you get to pick between Knight and Warrior.
  • Magician gets a choice between Wizard and Sorcerer.
  • The Archer gets to choose between Ranger and Beast Master.
  • Thief gets a choice between Assassin and Rogue.
  • And finally, Acolyte gets a choice between Priest and Monk at level 25.

Each of these classes come with their own skills as well as class-specific clothing and weapons. 

Jobs in RO 2

Ragnarok Online 2 Chef CookingCredit: Ragnarok Online 2 Screenshot by SyIn addition to a class, you also get to pick a crafting job for your character out of these four: Chef, Artisan, Alchemist, and Blacksmith.

  • Chefs craft food (duh) that can be used to replenish HP and SP out of battle, as well as food that give bonuses to stats for a certain amount of time.
  • Artisans craft clothes, light armor, and runes that imbue equipment with bonus stats.
  • Alchemists create potions that recover HP, SP, or boost stats.
  • Blacksmiths craft weapons, armor, and can also punch holes in equipment (i.e. create slots to hold runes).

I love how you can choose to wear your job outfit instead of the regular armor or clothing for your class. The picture at the side shows my Acolyte Chef cooking in her Chef outfit.

Leveling and quests in RO2

Main quest and side quests

Like any other MMORPG, RO 2 includes a main quest that follows the storyline and optional side quests for experience, zeny or rupee (the in-game currencies) and items. The main quest also serves as a tutorial in the beginning, introducing the player to various features in the game.

Most of the quests are the standard Kill x number of y monsters or Find x number of y drop but they aren't overly tedious because the game doesn't make you hunt a ridiculous number of monsters for its quests. Quests that send you around to various NPCs like an errandboy (or girl) are also common.

Some quests like the Priest Reimond quest and the Evacuate the Saintess one were a little buggy but not game-breaking. I'm not sure if there are others because I haven't gotten really far in the game yet. Some cutscenes in the RO 2 SEA were missing subtitles or perhaps they were bugged out? This is pretty annoying because the narration was in Korean so I had no idea what they were talking about.

Completing the quests in RO2 is a great idea not just for the storyline but also because they give a good amount of EXP as well as equipment upgrades. If you follow the main quest, your weapons and armor are probably covered for at least the first ten levels.

RO2 Quests
Credit: Ragnarok Online 2 Screenshot by Sy

A screenshot of Baby Poring dropping regular and quest loot. Most of the main and side quests require you to kill a number of monsters or find a number of loot.

Daily quests

Daily quests are also available in some towns on the town notice boards. The first one I saw was at Jacob's Cottage in South Plains. Not sure if any were available before that.

Item quests

RO2 Quest ScrollsCredit: Screenshot by SySome items also give a quest when you right click on them. These can be obtained from NPCs or monster drops.

Additionally, there are NPCs that sells quests in the form of scrolls. The first one I noticed was in Jacob's Cottage again,  The scrolls are organized by levels and you have to exterminate different monsters to complete the quests. The reward seems to be a huge amount of EXP but other than that, nothing. If you're hunting a particular mob or in a hurry to level, this might be a good option. But for someone who's Zeny-broke like me, you'd probably want to skip the quest scrolls.

More RO2 features reviewed

Besides the regular quests, RO2 also features Khara quests, which are special achievement-like quests that give you various benefits including titles which you can append to your character's name. Part 2 of the Ragnarok Online 2 Review discusses Khara quests, PvP in RO2, traveling and mounts, the cash shop and more.