Ragnarok Online 2 is an anime-style MMORPG released on Jan 3 2013 by Asiasoft for the Southeast Asia (SEA). This is a continuation of the Ragnarok Online 2 Review for the SEA version of the game. Part 1 of the review discusses the various classes, jobs and crafting, and  the main and side quests in Ragnarok Online 2. There is also a separate International RO2 review

Khara quests and titles

Khara quests deserve a section on their own as this is where questing in RO2 gets interesting. These quests get unlocked as you level up and resemble Achievements more than quests. Besides the regular kill X amount of monsters, Khara quests feature tasks like getting to a certain character level, reaching a certain level for your job/crafting, receiving a total amount of a type of potion, dying X number of times, hunting various 'Boss' monsters, and so on. Some Khara quests use up Khara points when you take them up but others are free to challenge. 

Completing Khara quests gives you various rewards such as job/crafting experience, Zeny, and more Khara points. Some Khara quests give you a title, which you can append to the front of your name. Different titles come with bonus stat points.

Ragnarok Online 2 Khara Quests
Credit: Screenshot by Sy

Khara Quests can be viewed from the Khara Info Window. They're unlocked as you progress in the game. Completing some of these quests rewards you with a title.

Traveling and Mounts in Ragnarok Online 2

Kafra Flying Transporation Service

RO2 Kafra Flying Transportation ServiceCredit: Screenshot by SyIf like me, you dislike games that make you walk over large areas of the map, RO2 comes with a quirky flying broomstick transport service called the Kafra Flying Transportation Service that drives you from one part of the map to another via a broomstick. A small amount of rupee is required for each travel, and it saves a lot of time especially when the map is huge.

I like how the transport system doesn't just show you a loading screen but actually lets you experience the process of flying over different areas. Using the Kafra Flying Transport Service gives you a bird's eye view of the map and in some areas (like in the city of Prontera), it can look pretty amazing.  In my opinion, details like these are what make RO 2 such an interesting game.

Mounts in RO2

At level 15, you'll be able to get your first mount, a Peco Peco Reins, from the Mount Manager Taksi (not sure if he's deliberately named  that >.>) in the city of Prontera. Peco Peco Reins increases your movement speed to 140% and that makes quite a bit of difference. It costs 10 Zeny so be sure to save up before you hit level 15. I made the mistake of spending my Zeny on random crafting stuff when I didn't even know what I was doing. Ended up having to grind a little to get to 10 Zeny.

Besides the Peco Peco Reins, other mounts can be purchased from the cash shop and obtained when clearing certain dungeons.

PvP in Ragnarok Online 2

RO2 has a PvP system that lets you challenge anyone one-to-one at any place. I'm not really into PvP so fortunately this is entirely optional.

Besides the option to battle another player, RO2 also has a PvP arena where you can enter for group PvP.

PvP Colosseum

In RO 2 SEA, this is an event that takes place twice daily at 2100 (+8 GMT) and 11PM (+8 GMT). I had the fortunate of participating in two although I was mostly just running around like a headless chicken and firing random spells at random players.You have to be at least level 10 to participate in the Colosseum and there are rewards if you manage to get through each round.

There is a fixed number of players in each Colosseum as well as random monsters. You get points for killing players and monsters although I'm not sure how it's calculated exactly. You receive buffs when you are in the PvP Colosseum so even if you're really low level, there is still a tiny chance you could get past a few rounds and win some boxes.

Each round eliminates the bottom players until only one remains. I got lucky when I managed to get past the first round of the Colosseum the first time I joined at just level 11. The second time, I was level 15 and still running around casting random spells at people but this time I tried killstealing the monsters. It seemed to work because I got to the second round! 

Below is a mail I got after exiting the Colosseum. 

Ragnarok Online 2 PvP Colosseum Reward
Credit: Ragnarok Online 2 Screenshot by Sy

A Gachapon-like reward from the PvP Colosseum. I don't even remember what I won the first time, so it probably wasn't anything good >.> The second time, I got a Rocket Runehole Puncher which is supposed to create rune slots in equipment under level 50, but I'm still not quite sure how to use it. The other reward is a lousy potion that recovers 500HP.

Despite the rewards being a little uninteresting, the PvP Colosseum was still pretty fun.

The Cash Shop in Ragnarok Online 2 SEA

With free-to-play games, cash shops are the necessary evil. I've seen complaints that RO2 is a pay-to-win game with overpowered cash shop items, but I don't really feel that way. Perhaps I'm too low a level at the moment, but I haven't felt that I needed to spend real money to enjoy the game. The cash shop in RO2 SEA mainly includes costumes, temporary boosts, storage, name card changes and so on. Mounts are also available in the cash shop and these are faster than the Peco Peco mount you can get for 10 Zenys at level 15. However, they are also temporary unlike your Peco Peco.

The prices in the cash shop seem a tad high. For example, a Superlarge Storage Bag is nearly $20, and a temporary mount costs nearly $10. But that's not a problem, just don't buy it or buy sparingly, you don't need these items to have fun in RO2.

Many other features in Ragnarok Online 2 SEA

This review doesn't cover all the features of Ragnarok Online 2 SEA. There are plenty of other features for you to explore. For example, there are Pandora Boxes that you can open to find  random items (some of which are equipment with very good stats). There are also dungeons and other end-game features that I'm not able to cover because I'm not there yet (soon!).

RO2 SEA also has a Monster Summoning System, where you have to find 4 different pieces of a monster's DNA and combine them to have a pet that will help you in battle. Monsters drop their own DNA pieces randomly.

Although the game has some bugs and the translation is a little funny in some of the dialogues, there's nothing game-breaking and I had a lot of fun in the few days of trying RO 2 and I'm definitely going to keep playing! If you stick around, you'll probably find more RO2 guides uploaded here soon :)

If you've managed to get so far into the review, you should probably just go download the game!