Rahn's Phyrexian Ingester captures the essence of Phyrexia, a once extinct barren land infused with mystical life giving birth to cybernetic beasts. The insectoid is correctly three times the size of a mere human suggested by the card's power and toughness of 3 with the capability of devouring a creature into the abyss. It roars flaunting double rows of teeth ready to snap up anything within its reach. The lack of eyes is no pitfall to its nimble legs and perhaps extraordinary sense of detection as it has found its victims. The oil filled coils hang between powerful crustacean limbs fulfilling Phyrexia’s mechanical requirement. With each step, its claws pierce into the endless hardened rubble like a plunging anvil with the prestissimo of piano keys. Demise draws near as the beast encloses into a fold of the landscape.

Rahn's Phyrexian Ingester
Credit: nublets

However, the image is lacking the wit which is associated with blue cards. Simplicity freezes the image in its silhouette. Perhaps a tumble or glint of debris would pour a sliver of rainbow into its awesome presence. Also, minor accountability issues include the fact that only one creature is exiled while there are two victims in the picture and the contradicting smoke and birds in the sky seem disconnect with the subject at hand. Of course, to have something is better than nothing. Although, the void of Phyrexia’s beginnings is a theme, it is overdone just a tad. I give this work a grade of B.

If I was to portray a more intellectual beast, I would perhaps literally draw pointed tentacles reaching out of its face to dissect its prey. An eye of the predator must meet the eye of its prey for examination is the foundation of reasoning. With the apprehension of mutilation and the rolling beads of sweat, fear would be in the foreground yet maintaining the magnitude of the behemoth’s size in the background. Viewing the conflict up close brings the observer into the victim’s shoes not just witnessing the scene from afar. In such perspective, the opportunities for vibrant colors are abundant.