Wellies for Everyone!

Make the Most of Those Puddles

Rain boots used to be very limited in design. Black or, if you were very lucky, green were the only options. Now there are wellies for men,wellies for women,wellies for kids and even wellies for toddlers. There are also very many brands to chose from.

Rain boots can now be highly fashionable and your choice of boot may determine your street credibility. Although they are still very practicable, most people are fortunate enough to associate rain boots with fun and leisure rather than work.

The sight of toddlers in wellies splashing in puddles is enough to make most adults smile and take them back to happy childhood memories. For children of all ages there is nothing more delightful than the fun and mischief to be had with a good pair of wellies and a few deep, brown puddles.

Many outside activities require a good pair of rain boots. Whether its just a good country walk, messing about in boats or mucking out the horses you are bound to rely on your wellies. They have become so universal that they are part of the accepted uniform in country towns and villages.

Rain Boots for Toddlers

These wellies are now designed to add to the fun. There are designs to suit all types of personality, from butterflies and fairies to replica firemens boots and Thomas the Tank Engine. Some come with pull up handle tops to help with impatient hands. Its still possible to buy plain designs if your toddler wants to be like Mom or Dad. Remember when buying wellies to allow for growth, thick socks and room to tuck in jeans.

Rain Boots for Kids

Again there is a large range of colours and designs available to satisfy the most choosy of children. Obviously older kids will want to have wellies that are similar to adult styles and designs.

Rain Boots for Women

There seems to be no limit to the imagination of rain boot manufacturers. Designs range from traditional shiny black boots to leopard print wellies with high heels! You can get wellies with warm, furry cuffs and removable, warming liners. There is certainly need to suffer cold, bare rubber boots. The vast majority of boots offered seem to target the fashion market. However at the same time most rain boots are waterproof and practicable.

Rain Boots for Men

As you might expect men's rain boots tend to very workmanlike and practicable. The emphasis is on being fit for purpose rather than fashion. There are one or two colorful, more fashionable options available but they are the exception rather than the rule. Could this be a gap in the market?

Rain Boots Brands

The market for rain boots is now very competitive and there are many brands. Some of the most popular include: Hunters, Melissa & Doug, Kamik, Western Chief, Kidorable, Paul Frank, Chooka, AccessoWear and Bogs.

Rain Boots Prices

The range in prices reflect the diversity in styles and brands, very plain toddler rain boots can be purchased for $8, top of the range, high fashion adult wellies might be as much as $400. For most people a budget of $30 will get you a reasonable pair of practicable but stylish wellies.

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