Raining In Cancun

Cancun is one of the greatest beach destinations in the world, but the reality is that most of the activities that you think of when you travel to the area have to do with doing things outdoors. The sunny vacation of your dreams is what you have in mind when you book your trip, but as much as you want that to happen it is not always the case. For a beach vacation to work out the way you want it you will need the sun to cooperate. The Mayan ruins in the area also make good weather necessary. There are jungle packages and zip lines which can only be done when it is sunny outside as they are challenging and sometimes even dangerous in the rain.

That does not mean that your entire day will be a waste just because it is raining outside. Most of the time you will have great weather in Cancun unless there is a tropical storm or hurricane in the area, and those are rare. Most showers will not last more than an hour so you can get back to having fun in the beach soon. If you do have a long shower or there is a storm in the area that could last a few days, then here are a few suggestions that may brighten up your day.

Swim With The Dolphins

Swim With The Dolphins

This is an activity that you would not think of when it is raining but if you head to the Centro Comercial La Isla which is in the Zona Hotelera you will be able to do just that. This is an indoor activity at the mall, so no need to worry about waves or other marine wildlife. The good news is that it is possible to take a taxi there or a bus and if you are staying in the Island of Cancun it should not take you long to get there. If swimming with the dolphins does not sound adventurous enough then you could opt for feeding the sharks which is available at the same location.

From the city you can take a bus to the Zona Hotelera and that will drop you off right in front of the mall. Your resort may also have a shuttle so ask the concierge about it.

Go Shopping

Market 28 In CancunCredit: Glowimages

One of the good things to do when experiencing rainy days in Cancun is to go shopping. In fact this is something that a lot of tourists do even if it is sunny outside. If you look at the travel forecast and see that you will have some rain projected in Cancun weather during your vacation then use that time to go shopping. One of the best spots to do so is the Centro Comercial Plaza Las Americas. The shopping is indoors and you could spend the full day there doing not only some shopping, but also enjoying ice cream, food, or catching a movie while the rain is still falling outside.

Keep in mind that the weather has the potential of being very different inland when compared to the island. That means that you may find that it is sunny in the Zona Hotelera and at the same time it could be pouring in the city itself. That may give you an opportunity to do some outdoors shopping where the locals shop and even in a market where you can get handcrafts made by people who live in the area.

Food And Dancing

Clubbing in Cancun

The next thing you can do in a rainy day in Cancun is to have a good meal or go dancing. There are great restaurants and night spots in the entire Cancun area, so why not enjoy a different meal? If you have an all-inclusive package then you could also enjoy the food at the resort and use the time in the hotel to plan the rest of your vacation. You could also take a taxi to the city center and look for different international dining options. The city gives you a lot of options from traditional Mexican, to fusion and food from all over the world. Some of the best chefs in the country live in the area, so do some research and try to hit the best spots.

Dance clubs are a night activity, but if you decided to save your energy you could really have one of the best club experiences of your life. Most of the young people who travel here do so to enjoy both the beach and the nightlife. Some of the best spots are Coco Bongo, Mandala, The City, Daddy ‘O and Palazzo. You can also head south to Playa del Carmen for some more club action.

Travel The Area

Church in CozumelCredit: Serge Freeman

So the Cancun weather is not cooperating as much as you would hope; there are other great beach towns that may have better conditions. Tulum, Cozumel, Progreso, Chicxulub and Playa del Carmen are all within 3 hours of Cancun and may have excellent weather. You can also take a rainy day and head to Chichen Itza or other mayan ruins spread through the Yucatán Peninsula. The trick is to check the extended forecast for every place you want to visit and go when the rain reaches your hotel.

Check With Your Resort 

The resorts in the area know that the beach is the main attraction, but they want visitors to have a great time even in rainy days. In some cases they will plan different activities for rainy days that can range anywhere from Bingo to trivia. You can also ask about any possible tours or places they can take you to as they could offer to take you bowling or to the movies.

The hotels in city center are not always as accommodating, but the resorts want to make your visit an unforgettable one even when it is pouring outside. The resorts themselves are big and have a lot of areas where activities scheduled in and the staff will do everything they can to keep you smiling during your vacation no matter what. A lot of times they will bring in live music or acts that are usually outdoors into their premises. Just because you see it is raining outside it does not mean that you need to stay in your room all day long.