If you plan on hiking or any other outdoor activities while visiting Alaska it is wise to carry rain gear with you. Even if you just get out of your automobile for a few minutes, a rain jacket will come in very hand to keep your dry for when you get back into your car.

What Type Of Alaska Rain Gear Should I Buy?

The type of rain gear you should buy depends a lot on the type of activities you are planning. A lightweight poncho may work great if you are just casual outdoor people. If on the other hand you are going to spend a week hiking around Denali then obviously you will need more protection.

Regardless of the type of rain gear you purchase, it is vital that you choose a Gore-Tex fabric. The Gore-Tex coating is designed to block rain but still be breathable.

Where Should I Buy Alaska Rain Gear?

Alaskan rain gear can be purchased in stores, online, or from catalog sellers such as Cabelas and Bass Pro Shops. The benefits of shopping in a store is you can try on the rain gear and enure that it fits properly. There are however numerous advantages to buying rain protection gear online and from catalogs. By shopping online for the wet weather protection you need you will access to more styles, more colors, larger sizes, and cheaper prices.

Do I Need Rain Gear For an Alaskan Cruise?

You might depending on the season you visit. It is always handy to have a Gore-Tex jacket with you so you can stand on the deck of the cruise ship and view at the amazing scenery, even if it is misty out. You will see a lot of Columbia jackets when you are cruising in Alaska.

Water Proof Vs. Water Resistant

There is a difference between the term waterproof and water resistant. Water resistant means it is designed to repel some water. Water Proof means that the rain gear is actually able to resist almost all water. Gore-Tex is the best when buying a water proof jacket or other rain gear. Water Proof jackets that are no Gore-Tex will cause you to sweat immensely. By using a Gore-Tex fabric your body and under-clothes will be protected from the rain, yet you will not sweat as much because the fabric is still breathable.

Campmor, REI, and Cabelas are all great websites to buy Gore-Tex rain gear for your Alaskan Adventure. You may also shop around to find exactly the type of rian gear you need for your activites. There is motorcycle rain gear, hiking rain gear and even Industrial rain gear if you will be working on a crab boat like the Deadliest Catch guys.