Rain ponchos are outer garments that are worn in areas with heavy rainfall. Ponchos were created in ancient Peru and worn over other clothing to help keep warm. The first American made rain poncho was designed in 1958 in Baltimore, Maryland. Made from watertight fabrics with secure fasteners to keep the sides closed, a large number of rainproof ponchos include hoods that can be attached during heavy rain or strong wind.

The most common type of materials used to make rain ponchos are nylon and vinyl. Oxford nylon coated with high quality denier polyurethane is used to make strong, lightweight rain ponchos that will last for many years. A vinyl rain poncho is one hundred percent waterproof with an attached hood and side snaps, and there are all weather emergency rain ponchos made from recyclable polyethylene plastic that comes with a hood, snaps, and an individual storage pouch.

One of the best things about rain ponchos is that they can be found at very affordable prices. They are also durable, light weight, and are available with a regular hood, or a modified hood that is large enough to cover safety hats, cowboy hats, or baseball caps. Available in children and adult sizes, these ponchos are offered in a rainbow of colors including camouflage, which is a highly favored style.

Stormtech - Packable Rain Poncho, Red

Some other popular style of ponchos for the rain include Backpacker Ponchos that are large enough to fit over full sized backpacks, Mil-Spec Army, made from Nylon Rip-Stop Fabric, and utility style rain ponchos made from Heavy Weight Taslin Material. Specialty items such as the disposable rain poncho can be ordered in quantities by schools, churches, and sports organizations. Online stores offer incredible deals and discounts for large quantity orders, or have no minimums or order limits. Many of these stores have incentives such as free shipping, no sales tax, or buy one, get one free offers. High quality rain ponchos can also be purchased from local manufacturers and suppliers of rain gear, or camping and survival equipment, as well as stores that sell extreme sports and outdoor apparel.

Rain ponchos are extremely versatile and used for protection against the outside elements. It is crucial that campers and outdoor survivalists stay warm and dry, ponchos to protect them from the rain are essential tools of the trade that are always close at hand. Must have accessories for outdoor sporting events, safety workers, parking attendants, hunters, and hikers, it is also a good idea to have a rain poncho for each family member stored with the household emergency kits.