If you have just recently purchased a Rain Shower Head, you will definitely want to Rain Shower Arm to match it. Even though some of their products that are 7 inches or less in diameter can fit on to existing shower arms, these water outlets are usually design with an angled positioning for the shower head in mind. Even more, getting the matching design not only adds to the beauty of your master bath, but of the Rain Shower Arms changes the height position which can really benefit a taller person in your household.

Basically they have 3 different styles of Rain Shower Arms. All three are shaped accordingly to create an optimal height position. Not only that, but the Rain Shower Arms available come in chrome, polished brass, and a satin nickel finish. These finishes can really make your new shower head have a finished polished look and complement your new updated shower head.

Rain Shower Arms: The Opus

The Opus shower arm is gracefully designed with a cool, sleek style in mind. It is made of solid brass construction and it is easy to install. The Opus Shower Arm provides a 2 inch head height change after installation. In order to install this shower arm, you will need a clearance of at least a 5 inch radius. The fittings are standard and are compatible to all other standard fittings. This Rain Shower Arm truly complements the Porcelain Rain Shower Head, but it will add beauty to any shower head that you chose.

Rain Shower Arms: The Deluxe Arch

This shower arm is perfect where height is not a concern. It has solid brass construction and is designed to support heavier shower arms. This shower arm can be used in conjunction with any traditional or contemporary shower head. With the Deluxe Arch shower arm, the flange is an integral part of the arm. This allows the shower arm to be able to support heavier larger shower heads. If you have a 10 inch shower head, then this shower arm will work perfectly. This shower arm requires a 4 1/2 inch radius for clearance and a head height change of minus 1.

Rain Shower Arms: The Deluxe Riser

If more height is needed, the Rain Shower Deluxe Riser is the shower arm for you. This adds a total of 9 inches of additional height. Now that's a difference. This shower arm, like it's predecessor does not have the mounting flange separate. This is necessary to provide increased support for heavier shower heads. This is one shower arm that will work for anyone in the house.

When making over your bath, or just restoring one in an older home, always consider the surrounding and style of the room before buying any new fixtures. Updating your shower head and arms should complement the other plumbing in the room such as the sink faucets. These are beautiful product that will make your home more appealing and relaxing at the same time. Check them out, you want be disappointed.

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