Nothing is more invigorating than a nice hot shower. To have a wonderful experience in the shower go get a new showerhead for your master bath. Rain Shower Heads are one of the top shower heads on the market. They have so many different styles to chose from that you will wonder how you ever lived without one. Their mission is to create quality craftsmanship with exquisite designs coupled with aesthetically pleasing products. That is exactly what they deliver, I know because I own one myself.

Rain Shower Heads: Traditional Design

The first type of Rain Shower Head is the traditional design. The traditional shower head comes in four different sizes and finishes. You can buy this type of shower head in 10″, 8,″ 6″, and 5 1/2″ diameters. The first in the design series is call "Classic." It comes in a 10″, 8″, and 5 1/2″ diameter. All three sizes are designed with superior craftsmanship and are built with solid brass construction. The Rain Shower Head also is constructed with cast brass nozzles that direct precise stream control and allow better pressure during your spa-like experience. The smaller Rain Shower Head works as well as the other two except it has a smaller number of cast brass nozzles. Rain Shower Arms are sold separately from all three, however, the smaller version can be fitted to your regular shower arm or fitting. They come in Chrome, Polished Brass, and Brushed Satin Nickel. This Rain Shower Head would make an excellent new shower head for your master bath.

Next, the "Porcelain" 6″ Rain Shower Head combined beautiful with functionality. This shower head is made of solid porcelain and chrome-plated brass. It also comes in chrome or polished brass. For an extremely elegant look try combining the shower head with a matching Opus shower arm.

Then, they offer the 10″ and 8″ diameter "Legacy" Design. This is more of an economical designed shower head featuring the dimpled face construction. Even though it has not been constructed with the same cast brass nozzles, it still offers an amazing shower experience in comparison to standard shower heads. It is a full size shower head with same identical body style as the "Classic" series, but without the hefty price tag.

Lastly, there is the 6″ two-toned "Chrome and Brass" Rain Shower Head. This one is my favorite because this is the one that I own. It is absolutely beautiful with a chrome body flat plate design and a polished brass nozzle base. The brass tips are covered with soft rubber ends designed for more effective cleaning in mind for hard water stains. If you are a person that likes to soak in the tub, this shower head will give you a whole new perspective on relaxation.

Rain Shower Heads: Exotic Design

If you have a contemporary master bath then you will absolutely love this concept.. These shower heads are very unique in detailing and creative expression. They are designed to offer superior water pressure. The Rain Exotic line come in chrome, polished brass, and a satin nickel finishes. There is the 9″ "Ultra" shower head that is next to the largest size they make. It has a contemporary curved spoke-like body that delivers exceptional water pressure. The 6″ "Luna" shower head is the most exotic style in this series with a similar design, but with individual heads on the ends of each arm. The 10″ "Oasis" shower head has a much bolder look and would probably be better suited to the males in the house. Then there is the 6″ "Oasis" shower head that delivers the same experience with slightly fewer nozzles in place. Any of these styles will definitely make a statement and take your shower experience to a whole new level. A new shower head in your master bath like this one will make you feel as if you have crossed over into the future.

Rain Shower Heads: The Future Handheld

The last in the line has yet to be revealed, however, I can't hardly wait to see what they come up with after experiencing some of their other products. Rain Shower Heads are top quality and give you a wonderful spa-like escape. These type of shower heads are great for relaxing tired and aching muscles. I think that if you are going to get a new shower head for your master bath, you should consider any of these products.