Rain Water Storage Tanks

Water storage is becoming more and more popular and with those ever rising bills, now is the time to consider investing in a water storage tank. There are plenty of shapes, sizes and colours to choose from and most are very easy to install, only a basic knowledge of DIY is required and of course some tools such as a drill.

Here are some advantages of installing a water storage tank:

  • Reduce water bills
  • Do your bit for the environment
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • You can have one next to each rain water down pipe, this makes watering the garden easy
  • They can be connected together for maximum storage capacity
  • Slimline space saving tanks are available
  • You can continue to water your delicate plants even if your water company issues a hose pipe ban in the summer

Before you go out and buy a water butt there are some things you should first consider:

  • The size of the tank, small tanks will fill quickly, large tanks may not look so appealing
  • Location - they should be installed close to the rain water pipe for ease of installation
  • Foundation - the tank will become very heavy when full of water, they should be placed on a firm foundation such as concrete or patio slab
  • Choose a tank with a child safety lid if you have kids at home
  • Rain diverter - choose a 2-way rainwater diverter and install it correctly to prevent the tank from overflowing (incorrect installation is the primary cause of overflows)
  • To prevent moss, leaves and twigs etc from entering the gutter, consider installing a gutter guard or removing roof moss first.
  • Stand - the water butt should come supplied with a tap, you will need a stand so you can place a watering can under the tap (tap is usually fitted near the bottom of the tank, a few inches above ground level)

Slimline space saving tanks

Space saving tanks, often referred to as slimline tanks are the preferred option if you have limited space in your garden or you only need to store a small amount of water. There is a wide range of choice when it comes to this type of storage.

One of the most popular types is a wall mounted plastic tank which does not have any contact with the ground, it is very narrow and best suited to the side of a property, several tanks can be connected together to offer a larger storing capacity. These are slightly more complex to install and may require some additional tools or professional installation.

Another option is to fit a slim barrel, these are almost identical to traditional storage barrels. The only difference is they are slightly taller and thinner. By carefully planning your water butt installation and choosing the most appropriate device you should be able to achieve a discreet yet effective install.

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