Rainforest Fruits

Four Fruits Found in the Rainforest

Rainforest fruits are very important to both humans and animals, as they provide many nutrients that are essential for good health.  It is common to think of fruit and only be concerned about the benefits they provide to human beings.  However, many animals who reside in rainforests depend on these fruits, and their seeds, for survival as well. They are an important food resource that many living things depend on.  Many of them are common fruits that people eat on a daily basis.

Rainforest Fruits - Bananas
Bananas are a very popular fruit which usually consist of 75% water and are covered with a protective outer layer, which is known as the skin or peel.  They are a very good source of vitamin B, and also contain vitamin C, potassium and manganese.  For an average 3.5 ounce banana, there are:

* 89 calories
* 23 grams of carbohydrates
* 12 grams of sugar
* less than 1 gram of fat
* 2.5 grams of dietary fiber
* about 1 gram of protein  

Since they are a good source of potassium, bananas are commonly consumed by people who are experiencing muscle cramping.  This is common in physical activities such as marathon running, soccer, football, or really any sport.  

Rainforest Fruits - Oranges
Oranges are citrus fruits that are covered in a thick peel and are the most commonly grown tree fruit in the world.  They are a great source of vitamin C and also produce orange juice.  The orange peel usually isn't eaten, however it is edible and contains vitamin C and fiber.  If you do choose to eat the peel, beware of the chemical pesticides that may be on the peel.  For a 3.5 ounce raw orange there are:

* 46 calories
* 11.5 grams of carbohydrates
* 9 grams of sugar
* 2.5 grams of dietary fiber
* about .2 grams of fat
* 0.7 grams of protein

Oranges are a very good snack option on their own, but combined with a little lite whipped cream can make an excellent dessert.

Rainforest Fruits - Avocados
Avocados have a green skin and are cultivated in tropical climates around the world.  It contains a bit more fat than most other fruits, however it's mostly monounsaturated fat, which is considered a healthy fat.  It's important to include healthy fats in your diet, so the fat content in this fruit shouldn't deter you from eating it.  For a 3.5 ounce avocado there are:

* 160 calories
* 8.5 grams of carbohydrates
* 0.6 grams of sugar
* 6.7 grams of dietary fiber
* 14.6 grams of fat
* 2 grams of protein

Avocados taste great in salads, sandwiches and are also used in guacamole.

Rainforest Fruits - Figs
Figs are grown on Ficus trees and contain vitamin A and C, as well as laxative substances.  There are very important in rainforests because they are a resource for fruit bats, monkeys, langurs, birds and mangabeys. They are usually a brown color when ripe and can contain thousands of seeds.  For a 3.5 ounce fig there are:

* 74 calories
* 19 grams of carbohydrates
* 16 grams of sugar
* 3 grams of dietary fiber
* 0.3 grams of fat
* less than 1 gram of protein

A lot of common fruit that people consume on a normal basis are found in rainforests throughout the world.  They are an important food source for animals in rainforests, as well as a healthy food source for people.