Top rainy day activities for kids

The summer is over, the nights are drawing in and the weather has taken a turn for the worse. Outdoor activities are no longer feasible and the kids are starting to whinge and claim they are bored and have nothing to do. The television is always an option, as are watching a movie but
these activities can get a bit mundane and boring. Fortunately, there are loads of rainy day activities for kids and there are no excuses for boredom.

Rainy day activities for kids – Computer games

Historically, computer games were nothing but mindless entertainment however times have changed and this is no longer the case. So rather than telling your kids to get off the computer and do something else why not buy them a game and join in.

Nowadays there are many computer games that are based around getting the family together and spending quality family time together. These games are good fun for all the family regardless of their age and gaming ability and it is now possible for great granny to take you on at a sporting
event, and actually win. These family games provide great entertainment, however they can bring out peoples’ competitive side so you do need to take a bit of care.

There are also many educational games that will give your kids some entertainment and teach them new facts as well. With these types of game learning is fun and your kids will get something useful out of playing these games. Who knows, you may learn something too.

The family friendly and educational computer games are available on all the major gaming machines, including the Nintendo Wii and the Microsoft Xbox amongst other machines. Family and educational games are not expensive and you can usually find something in the bargain bucket of many computer game stores. Alternatively, you can rent games for a small fee which may be the better option for you.

Rainy day activities for kids – Board games

There are many different types of board games available. It doesn’t matter how old your kids are or what they are interested in, there will be a board game they will enjoy.

Many board games are educational and your kids will learn something whilst playing the game. For example, scrabble will improve your kids’ vocabulary and spelling, Monopoly will improve your kids’ math abilities and chess will make your kids think.

There are also board games that offer pure entertainment only and your kids will gain little educational benefit from playing them. This does not mean these board games should be avoided though.

Board games require two or more players, which is fine unless you only have one child. A single child cannot play a conventional board game by itself but it can play one of the many online board games available, such as Trivial Pursuit or Yahtzee. There are many board games that are also available on the different gaming machines, which offer an alternative to online board games.

Rainy day activities for kids – Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts are suitable for kids of all ages and all abilities, and it doesn’t matter whether your child has a sibling or not. The list of arts and crafts is endless and includes things like drawing and
sketching, painting, jewellery making, sewing and patchwork and model making. There are no limitations or restrictions when it comes to arts and crafts and it is something where your kid’s imagination can run riot.

Some types of arts and crafts are expensive, however this does not have to be the case and it is possible to make things out of everyday items you will find laying around your home.

Rainy day activities for kids – holiday crafts

The holiday period provides numerous holiday arts and crafts opportunities for kids and what better time to do them on a rainy day? There are several different things you can do, such as making greetings cards, making gift tags or making Christmas decorations. Home-made crafts are unique, individual, original and show some thought. Anyone can go to a store and buy a product so making one is something a bit more special.

Christmas is an expensive time of year and cards, tags, decorations etc. can cost a lot of money so making these items will also save you money as well as giving your kids something to do.

Rainy day activities for kids – Card games

Playing cards have provided entertainment for many people for many years. Playing cards are small, they take up little room and they are cheap. There are plenty of different games your kids can play, such as rummy, pairs and solitaire, to name but a few. One of the best things about playing
cards is that there are many one player games so it doesn’t matter if your child has a sibling or not. There are many websites that offer online card games, that are nothing to do with gambling, which offers an alternative.

In addition to the standard playing cards there are other types of card games, such as top trumps and Uno, which will also entertain your kids during those rainy days.

Rainy days

The above are just some rainy day activities for kids and if you take a moment think about it there are many more besides. So, the next time there is a wet weekend and your kids are complaining they are bored and there is nothing to do you will have many suggestions.