What's the best possible way to improve your credit score? If you someone who has unintentionally worked up a bad credit record and are looking for some practical advice to improve your bad credit record, here are some very practical and workable ways wriggle back into the good books of lenders.

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My poor credit record is ruining me. How Can I fix it?

A friend of mine ran up a really bad credit record when she bought a new house and her credit score plummeted. Her business wasn't doing well and she fell back on her payments. She then qualified for a loan modification but in order to qualify she has to declare mortgage delinquency. Her credit score is now hovering somewhere in 500s. Though she was regular with her payments on other credit cards, they still raised their interest rates which made things all the more difficult. She is now thinking about getting a secured credit card which may help her push up her credit score.

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Now that's sounds like tough situation to be in. Yet there so many people dealing similar credit issues so I feel the solution she was offered by a credit expert will come in handy to all my readers.

So here's she and now can fix your bad credit record by following these five easy steps:

Step 1 – Request the back to Reverse The Record of Your late Payment

Convince the bank to reverse the records your late payment on your credit report. Tell them that this will be one time arrangement and they should make a concession to help a client who has previously been on time with her payments. If you can convince the credit card companies to do that, it would be even better if they assure you in writing – on a company letterhead.

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Step 2 - Ask All The Other Credit Card Companies to do the Same

Ask all the credit card companies whose credit cards you are using to the exact same thing. Just by requesting them, chances are they will be willing to wipe out some a few negative spots from your credit record report. Even if they are willing to remove just one black spot it will still help you fix your bad credit score and will raise it by several valuable points.

Step 3 – Request the Credit Card Company To Reduce Your Rate Of Interest

In order to quickly raise your credit score you will need to convince the credit card companies to reduce your interest rate, remove penalties charged on late payments and credit limit extension. In fact if you negotiate hard enough they will even remove a full year's fees. Again while most credit card companies will only be willing to remove just one of their charges, remember every little bit will help in fixing your credit record.

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Step 3 – Collect Your Credit Report History

Since you are proactively trying to get your credit record up to par, it would be good idea to collect your credit scores from the three biggest credit monitoring agencies Expiran, Equifax and TransUninion. Alternately you can also seek the services of an inexpensive credit monitoring service.

Once you have collected your credit and dept report, mark any negative information which is hurting your credit score. You can then dispute the negative items mentioned in your credit report. You will then start getting letters from lending agencies and credit card companies you deal with, some of which will mention that they second your claims. These reports can then be sent as proof to credit bureaus.

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Step 4 – Check Your Credit report Every Few Days

When you dispute anything on your credit report, it entitles you to a free copy. After a month you will most likely receive a reply from the credit bureaus informing you whether or not they will remove the late notes. If they refuse just keep challenging.

You have no option but to stick it out and make sure everything that you want to be removed from your credit report gets removed. Don't chicken out and give up midway if you actually want to fix your poor credit report.

Step 5 – Get a Secured Credit Card

While you're doing all of this, get a secured credit card. However, make sure you use it as sparingly as possible – just $40 -$50 per month. In order make sure that you spot on with your payments setup an auto-pay system which will automatically deduct the minimum amount from your account. If you are able to do these two things, then a secured credit card will go a long way in helping you fix your bad credit record.