Raised dog feeders are a fantastic way to improve your dogs feeding posture, they are also a good way for older dogs to feed as well so that they are not getting tired bending down to feed. This product comes in a variety of different shapes and sizes so it would be a wise move to buy one which is going to be the correct size and height for your dog. Pick one which is at an height were your dog can feed comfortably without bending or standing upright too much.

With so many different makes and models out there in the marketplace, lets take a quick look at just two models of raised dog feeders that are out there today.

The first model that we are going to look at is the Pet Goods Dynasty Double Diner 2 Quart Raised Feeder. This feeder comes in an attractive antique black matte finish and comes complete with two 2 quart stainless steel feeding bowls. This model of raised dog bowl is best suited to dogs which are medium to large in size. It is so easy to assemble, no DIY experience required and measures 18.5 inches wide by 10.5 inches deep by 9 inches in height and weighs only 4 pounds. With its classical good looks and durable construction this is a product that is going to give you many years of good use.

The second model of raised dog feeder that we are going to look at is the Pet Goods Dynasty Double Diner 3 Quart Raised Feeding Station. This feeder is manufactured by the same company, but it has a few different features to it. For starters the feeding bowls are bigger at 3 quarts and it has a large pull out drawer underneath it which you can use to fill up with treats, food and toys. Again this model is suited for your medium to large size dogs. It measures 23.5 long by 12.5 inches deep by 11.5 inches in height. It is easy to put together and again comes in a beautiful antique black matte finish that will fit into anyone's home decor. This raised dog feeder is very good quality and after reading some of the customer review on Amazon it looks to me that this is an excellent product at an excellent price which is going to give you and your dog years of good use.