Raised garden beds are wooden or plastic framed boxes for your plants or flowers that protect your garden from external threats. There are multiple benefits to planting your gardens in a special flower beds including higher yields, better looking blooms, and lesser incidence of your plants being eaten by pests. You can either buy your own ready-made kit that includes side panels which snap or screw together, or you can build your own garden bed frame if you're handy with a tape measure and a saw. 

Ready Made Raised Garden Frame Kit

As you can see in the image above, your flower box can also be beautiful and elegant in its own right. Choosing the right material for your garden bed border will ensure that it makes a nice compliment to your overall garden environs. That's why you'll find wooden, stone or plastic materials with all kinds of stylings and colorings. 

The best thing about these special framing systems is that they can be brought out and assembled in minutes, especially the store-bought kits. You will find that the slats in the package are pre-fitted so they can be jammed together and framed in just a few short minutes.

It's also possible to maintain your committment to the environment while investing in raised garden bed structures that come from mostly recycled materials. The garden bed shown above have been made from 60% post-consumed recycled materials, yet it still looks presentable and would provide a nice accent to any backyard garden. 

Once you have assembled each joint and wall, you will find that most garden beds of this kind have pegs or posts that extend downward into the ground, so that you can gently hammer your structure down into place where it will stay secured. The walls will then protect your fragile seedlings against the elements and winds while providing the screening they need to grow up to their full potential. 

There is also a thermodynamic benefit to planting your crops in a raised flower bed. When the sun hits the absorbent material of the sidewalls, your planter bed will actually absorb and radiate this heat outward into the garden's soil steadily. This leads to improved growth as well. 

Using Raised Flower Bed Frames to Grow Vegetables

Many home vegetable growers favor these raised garden beds because they can help them painlessly improve their overall crop quality and yield. However, there are a number of important considerations to make before settling on a particular model of garden bed for your project. 

Obviously, people that are growing vegetables at home are most likely planning to eat them. This makes it extremely important to exercise caution when choosing a garden wall kit for your backyard vegetable garden. Many pressure treated woods or wood-composite materials that claim to repel pests are actually heavily steeped and soaked in dangerous chemicals. 

If you use pressure treated woods in your garden frame box, you may be asking for trouble. As the wood ages and as constant moisture, sun and rain weaken the wood, these dangerous chemicals will begin seeping out directly into your soil, meaning that they will next make their way into your vegetables. 

If you don't want to run the risk of consuming dangerous chemicals via your homegrown vegetables, it's best to go with the kind of wood-pulp based frame kit that hasn't received these chemical treatments. You will likely end up paying a bit more in the end because these non-harmful woods or wood composites are a bit more expensive, but you'll gain peace of mind by knowing that there's nothing nasty leeching into your soil and your food. 

Special Animal Barrier Raised Flower Boxes

Animal Barrier Raised Garden Box

As you can see in the picture above, the animal barrier attachment over top of the flower box will keep curious cats, hungry dogs and random rodents out of your vegetable or flower garden, giving all your crops higher chances of survival. 

The nice thing about these boxes is that they accomplish this in a humane way without injuring or harming the animals in anyway. It's just extremely difficult for most small domestic breeds to get over the little fence and start messing with your plants. 

The netting that surrounds your garden when you install this stainless steel anti-pet frame is made from nylon. Nylon is extremely weather resistant and will give you years of service if you keep an eye on it and if you are careful to trim back your seedlings as they grow so they won't rub or grind against the net. 

When you use this kind of netting system to defend your plants from critters, make sure you pull the net down tightly toward the top of your garden box so that rabbits won't climb in underneath the barrier. You should also give your raised planter bed a regular inspection to make sure that no enterprising would-be animal thief is trying to chew through your defenses. 

Keeping your garden in a planter box will assist you in producing superior flowers and vegetables with minimal effort. You can buy them for under $100 per kit, and have them assembled in minutes. When you get your planter box set up, you can fill it with premium soil without worrying about your expensive planting soil getting dispersed by the wind and other elements. 

Once installed, your planter box will accelerate your plants' growth by disseminating sunshine throughout the bed and it can be further modified to defend your crops against natural predators by placing a net around the perimeter of the box. 

But perhaps best of all, and why so many home gardeners are turning to these pre-fab garden box kits lately, is that they are endlessly modifiable. You can lift one sidewall and add extra panels in order to enlarge your overall raised garden box space. This is perfect for small time growing operations that you will be expanding slowly over time. The interlocking walls allow you plenty of freedom in changing the layout of your vegetable garden as you add in new sections or need more room for crops that are coming into bloom.