Getting a new pet can be a very rewarding experience. After all, a homeless pet recieves a new home and  a family  gets a new friend to love . It's a win- win situation. Right?  Well it should be, but many times  a kitten  will bite or claw a family member: When this happens  some  ownersmay feel the need to give their cats away.The problem is that by this time the kitten is no longer cute and little, and finding a home for an adult cat is very hard. Many times these animals are put to sleep.  It  then becomes a very sad situation.  You can ensure that this doesn't happen to your new kitten by taking a few precautions.

Never use your hand as a toy.

Although it is very tempting to play "hide  your hand under the blanket" with your kitten. It is not a good idea. This is  because the cat does not know when the hand is a toy and when it is a hand. The next time you or your friend go to pet him, your kitty may attack your hand.  The same thing holds true for feet. It's better to buy some cheap toys at the grocery store. If, however,  you are short on cash your new pet  will be happy with ribbon or newspaper balls.

Always teach small children how to pet and carry kitty.

When my children were small they loved to pull the kittie's fur. I would take their little hands and lead them over the fur while saying "nice kitty." It is also important to teach then how to hold the kitty. If the child holds them from the neck, instead of under it's arms, The cat might become  scared and hurt the child .

Give the cat some privacy.

As you probably know, cat's love to hide . They usually find a quiet place under the bed or behind the couch. This is where they feel safe. I used to have a cat that hid under the roll top desk every time it stormed.  If you have a party and the guest says "oh where's your kitty?" don't take them to the hiding spot ,just say he's hiding. Cats that feel safe and loved will be happy to come out on their own in good time. 

I can't guarantee that your cat will be a gentle kitty  but  if you follow these simple guidlines you will have the tools you need to be successful.