India, the land of rich culture and art is very famous for its songs. There has not been any nation, which has excelled folk songs like India. India has always proved that it is a people's nation. Several researchers from all over the world come to research about the folk songs. It is not only folk songs that gained the popularity the Carnatic songs and other variations of it have together proved to the western world that we are equal and far better civilized than they are. We have always had separate and fresh set of musical instruments to get our desired songs.

Technological growth and the modern medical instruments is no match to the quality of sound and songs produced by the traditional musical instruments. Some of the best Indian musical instruments are made of the animal hides and skins, bamboos, shells and pots. They can produce any combination of songs that is now produced by the modern instruments. After the advent of the modern musical industry the Rajasthani folk songs has grown very well than expected.

Rajasthani roots group is very famous and its members are the one who were very famous and ambitious in developing the Rajasthani songs. They have clearly stated that the songs of Rajasthan are not only in hotels and in pubs, but they are far beyond it. Initially Rajasthani roots started their Rajasthani songs in hotels and in the tourists' spots, but now they have mixed the Rajasthani songs with that of the western songs and they have produced variable fusions. The fusions mentioned here are not literally fusions. Instead, they use folk songs with the guitar and saxophone.

After the Rajasthani roots, gained popularity several such troops claimed rights to develop, the Rajasthani songs and this lead to an effective rise in the value of the Rajasthani songs. Bhajans, dohas, folk, contemporary style all developed faster than expected. The songs of Rajasthan songs suit any merry occasion and condolence occasion.

Right from the song during the childbirth, the lullaby sung to the child, the entertaining songs during the child's growth, marriage songs, and festival songs and finally condolence songs all are some type of folk song. Rajasthani folk songs is an indispensible element in all ceremonies like birthdays, marriages, Diwali, Dussehra and other great festivals. Rajasthani people sing folk songs to express their emotions like love, affection, lewd, braveness and sadness.