The most positive attributes about this fragrance are the unique combination of perfume notes. This perfume is very different from anything else on the perfume market. The combination of unusual perfume notes combined with very modern and contemporary packaging make Pure Turquoise a stand-out fragrance for women.


This fragrance tends to fade quickly on dry skin. Women who enjoy wearing perfume with rich, long-lasting Patchouli base notes may find Pure Turquoise too light and fleeting of a fragrance.

Full Review

As a perfume lover, I am always on the hunt for that next fabulous fragrance to add to my collection. Ralph Lauren is one of my favorite designers, and I was really pleased with another perfume in his collection, Lauren.

I happen to love Patchouli, so whenever a new perfume is introduced on the market that claims to have Patchouli notes I immediately become interested. Women who shop for perfume online according to the description of the perfume notes may become confused by the various descriptions of the Pure Turquoise fragrance.

Ralph Lauren Pure Turquoise Perfume Has Been Described As:

  • A Green Chypre with aquatic notes
  • An exotic floral
  • A fruity fragrance with mossy woods
  • My Experience With Pure Turquoise

Immediately after removing the cap and nose-testing the atomizer I am hit with the fragrance of the Violet Leaves in this perfume. If I smell it long enough, it tends to have a sharp aroma not unlike celery leaves.

My first spray of this fragrance envelopes me in bright citrus-floral notes that I attribute to the mid-notes of Orange Flower. I love how this perfume smells when I first spray it on. After the first burst of Orange Blossom, the unusual notes start to come through. The base notes of Amber, Birchwood, and Rum turn into the scent of Licorice on my skin. I smell like a Twizzler candy at this point.

After the "Twizzler" notes disappear, the Patchouli pops through. I bought this fragrance because of the Patchouli base notes in it. As I hold my nose flush up against my wrist to smell the Patchouli, it disappears leaving me longing for more.

I do have very dry skin and the type of skin chemistry where most "light" fragrances disappear before I can put the cap back on.

The Packaging

The bottle is sleek and modern in design. If you are the type that likes your perfume bottles to match your decor, this bottle would look better with contemporary decor. I display my perfume collection on a vanity in my bathroom and my Pure Turquoise bottle sticks out like a sore thumb compared to my other "girly" bottles.

The cap top has a faux Turquoise stone that lays flat on the top of the cap. The perfume version of this fragrance has a stone-shaped top. This is not a girly bottle, but it does have sophisticated elegance of design. Not unlike Ralph Lauren himself.

Ralph Lauren Pure Turquoise Perfume Notes

  • Top Notes- Lily Of The Valley, Cassis, Cactus Flower, Violet Petals
  • Middle Notes- Absolute, Cereus, Desert Lily, Orange Flower
  • Base Notes- Amber, Birch Wood, Vanilla Bourbon, Rum, Patchouli

In Closing

I would recommend this fragrance for women who enjoy a fresh, light perfume that contains just a hint of patchouli. Women with dry skin or the kind of body chemistry where fragrance doesn't last should try the more concentrated perfume formula. Pure Turquoise is perfect for an everyday light fragrance and for women who enjoy fresh, leafy green-type fragrances.

Pure Turquoise Eau De Parfum Natural Spray