I sit here pondering about things, nothing in particular, really, just things. Then I decided that just sitting here thinking things wasn't going to do me or my fellow beings any good, so I decided to write a blog about it in hopes that maybe someone will read it and it will interest them for a few moments, or perhaps no one at all will read it and I'm basically wasting my time writing this introduction. Happiness is a concept we all know, we all want, and hopefully we all have at some point in our lives. But as I think about this concept, I find myself asking "Can someone ever truly be happy?" I mean sure, I'm generally a happy guy, and whoever is reading this is probably pretty happy too, but there is always those things whether they be little or big that can bring us down. That's what makes me think that honestly, we will always be pursuing happiness and at some points we may think we find it just to find out that it has slipped from our grasps and we are back to chasing after it. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure there are those who have the amazing ability to take bad things and always put them behind them and remain happy, but most people, I think, do not have this great ability. Now, I wonder, do we all really know what happiness is? It's obviously not the same for everyone. Happiness for an american would be something like getting a new car, going on a trip, or getting some other frivolous thing, whereas happiness for an african child living in poverty would be a nice meal. I'm not really sure what the point I'm trying to get across here is but basically I don't think anyone can truly be happy, we may be happy at times when we are spending time with someone special, on a vacation, or doing some other fun thing, but all that is, is us blocking out the bad or not so good. So I think now happiness is non-existent and we just have things that put up mental blocks. For some it doesn't take much for this mental block to happen, and like I mentioned above, some have a natural barrier blocking out the bad things and they are always happy, or at least do a great job appearing as though they are. I guess we all should learn what things put up that mental block and what things brake down this barrier, or better yet learn how to put that wall up that is impervious to the bad things in life. Because we all have been told plenty of times, and hopefully understand life isn't quite fair, and we should all learn to accept this and understand that there will always be the good and the bad and we just have to learn not to let the bad ruin the good. I know it's not easy and I'm sure everyone else does too. I'm also not saying that I am able to always do this, because I'm not, and very few are able to. Live life, have fun, and understand that life sucks, and we should all get over it, because there is always someone or something that will make us happy, we just might have to do a little searching to find it. If this blog made any sense to you, or you got anything out of it please feel free to post a comment. If it was just a confusing jumble of words don't feel obligated, I won't be offended.