Thinking about building a ranch home for your family?

Ranch style homes are a fixture of American architecture, the style began in the twenties, but it didn’t really gain momentum as a fashionable style until the 40’s. The forties saw a post war economy, which gave a major growth spurt to the American middle class. This type of homes remained popular on into the 70’s and has often seen revivals.

Ranch style homes may also be classified as a California rambler. This style, though popularized in the western coastal state, spread rapidly. Ranch style homes front porch designs can offer an addition to a type of country house that has been part of American culture off and on. What a better way to honor this classic style than to give it an upgrade with a ranch style homes front porch design?

Ranch style homes are a fixture of American architectureCredit: The print shop 3.0 ProfessionalThere are many variations on the ranch home, though most are single story homes that stretch longer and have attached garages. The design style of these homes lend themselves easily to big front porches where the family could rest in the shade or even have informal meals. You’ll have an abundance of ideas to choose from when you decide you want to add-on a front porch.

What family doesn’t have ideas about growing old together and sitting on the front porch watching your children play? With ranch style homes front porch designs you’ll be living a traditional dream. There are many different types of ranch style homes front porch designs, so you will have plenty to look at before you chose the look&feel of your new home extension. Consider working with the length of the ranch home and building a natural wood porch to accentuate the country charm. You could use whole logs as pillars, creating a natural and welcoming addition to the front of your home.

Another type of ranch style homes front porch designs is the closed in screen porch. This will offer you a place that is both outside and yet at the same time protected from the elements. This is a great ranch style homes front porch designs, when it comes to an area that is lovely and warm in the summer but rife with a bug population. The closed screen front porch will allow you to entertain in the summer months without worrying about your prized lemon cake getting bugs in the frosting. This type of porch will allow you a place you can either relax with your friends over a glass of wine or spend a long summer night with your favorite book.

Ranch style homes front porch designs will change the way people see your home. It will give you a way to update your home’s exterior, and give your home a chance to make a new kind of first impression. Though the ranch style home may not be the most popular of designs these days it is a classic style of home that will allow you to use ranch style homes front porch designs to update and modernize a home plan style that will never truly go out of date.