Many Americans are interested in ranch style homes front porch designs. To spice up the front entryway, this article will discuss to you about different front porch designs available for your homes.


You can say that the American way of living is incomplete without the ranch style homes front porch designs. Whether you choose to have a simple country type porch, a sophisticated contemporary one or just a small space for a bench a front porch will always have a welcoming appeal.

The Ranch Style House

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The ranch style house or also known as the American ranch, the California ranch, the rancher or the rambler is a common domestic  design for houses in the United States. The ranch house is commonly known for its long profile which is close to the ground or low roofline. It is a single story house often shaped as a rectangular, L-Shaped or U-shaped. It has simple open doors with attached garage and large windows which are often times with shutters.

The house has exteriors of stucco, wood or brick with vaulted ceilings that has exposed beams.  Ranch style houses are often simple and have a rustic exterior or interior trim. Because of its simplicity many would love to add more life to their homes. What way would it be rather than ranch style homes front porch designs?

Adding a Porch

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A ranch type homes front porch motifs must create an extra and usable space for your family. You can make it as a simple stoop from your doorway or an elaborate one that would extend around the entire length of your house. If your home has already a stoop, then improving it or expanding it can make a new grander look for your home. However, do not overwhelm your home with an extremely elaborate ranch style homes front porch designs because it might be too much of an eyesore.

Creating Details

Create an appealing porch by making details. You can choose to paint the door with different colors to create different effect or choose to install antique doors for a more rustic feeling. If you think the door is fine enough then you can add posts, built in planters made out of bricks and line them in front of your stoop or create walkways leading to your door. You can add any display you like, for example a garden or potted roses perhaps.

Grandeur Design

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A grand ranch style homes front porch designs can be done by adding a modern look to your doorway. You can add a small window on your door if possible, curtains for the porch or elaborate vinyl panels which are extremely popular. If you prefer a nostalgic and graceful feeling you can have a porch with beautifully crafted woodwork.

Different Front Designs

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There are many ranch type homes front porch motifs, the pergola, porch pillars, the screened porch, contemporary porches, the four seasons and many more.

The Pergola


 In most pergola porch designs, they are structured specifically for decorative vines and other climbing plants that can transform your porch into a wondrous spectacle. Pergolas can be used as covers, roofs, and patios because they offer a very exquisite, elegant and stylish design.

The Porch Pillars

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One of the modern ranch type homes front porch motifs, the porch is built on cast cement with proportional pillars standing. The pillars or columns are either made from wood, cement, fiberglass or casted iron. There are various designs like Doric columns, Corinthian, Ionic, Tuscan, Erectheum, Empire and many more.

The Screened Porch

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The screened porch is built to ward off bugs especially when lounging around the porch or dining. It also provides protection against elements. There are many choices of materials that can be used for screened porches one of it is vinyl screens.



The sunroom is another modern ranch type homes front porch motifs that is most of the time constructed on the side of a house. It offers a great view of the outside environment and at the same time provides shelter against weather conditions like snow, hail, rain and wind.

Contemporary Porch

An interesting thing about contemporary porches is that it is varied, unique to each other and there is no common theme of designs that group them together. The contemporary porches or also known as the modern porch is simple porch with clean lines and little sophistication. It provides a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere.

The Four Seasons

The four seasons or all season room is like the sunroom the only difference is that it has insulated walls, insulated ceilings, insulated windows and doors, typically almost everything is insulated. They have heating or cooling systems that can be controlled by thermostats.

The Country Porch

The country porch is where you commonly see the rickety grandmother’s rocking chair or a huge brown dog sleeping. It has a wide and simplistic design that can be functional for guests. Most of these porches are wrap- around and has no fancy trim.


A small porch, the portico is a porch motif that is directly influenced from Ancient Greece. A portico which is Italian for porch is small porch that leads to an entrance of a building or house. It is a roofed structure over a passageway and is usually supported columns or is enclosed by walls.

The portico has primarily 4 types of styles: tetrastyle, hexastyle, octastyle, deca tyle. The tetra style portico has 4 columns supporting the structure. Hexastyle has 6 columns, octastyle has 8 and decastyle has 10 columns.

Porch Accessories

Porches are expected to be used whole year round; they can be extensions of rooms, living rooms or kitchens. In decorating porches one must remember to keep it simple. You can throw in some furniture like small tables, chairs or even swings, or greenery like potted plants that can be hanged or placed anywhere, or other accessories like lights, throw pillows or a decorative sculpture.


In considering Ranch style homes front porch designs, it is always best to bear in mind that the porches are the entryway to your humble abode. It must be welcoming, inviting, homey and most of all relaxing. Whether you are imagining of an afternoon tea or a party on your porch you will have to find a suitable ranch style homes front porch designs to make your dream porch come true.