I'm just going to go through the process of writing down whatever comes to mind. Well, not everything that comes to mind because I need to censor some of the thoughts I am having because I want to make sure my writing is appropriate for all ages.

I've been writing here on InfoBarrel for almost half a year now and I'm really enjoying the process. It's a great site that will allow you to start making some passive income. In fact, according to Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income, writing articles for a revenue-sharing website is one of the best ways to start your journey into earning passive income. I would agree with him because it's a simple way to start making some money and it will allow you to learn all kinds of skills that will be helpful to you on your journey to earning a full-time income online, maybe even earn millions/billions online.

Everyone has to start somewhere. We all know this. You think Facebook was Mark Zuckerberg's first project, heck no. That guy has been working on websites and programming all kinds of things his whole life. It's very rare for your first project to make you rich. It happens but not as often as you would think.

If you're interested in writing for infobarrel, check out my signature under my name Chris Matthews for information on how to sign up. You won't get rich writing for infobarrel but you could make a couple of extra hundred or even thousand dollars a month. Writers like Ernie write about whatever they want whenever they want and they earn over 100$/month on here. Writers like jcmayer777(also another infobarrel writer) write on here not about what necessarily interests them the most, but they do the keyword and seo research necessary to figure out what READERS are interested in reading. That's where the money is at when you write for a revenue-sharing business like infobarrel. He makes between 1 or 2 thousand dollars a month writing here. And the beauty is that we're talking about passive income here. In other words, if Ernie or jcmayer777 decide to quit writing today, they will still continue to be earning just as much money down the road every single month for years to come - well for as long as infobarrel is still in business. That's the magic of passive income.

Other ways of earning passive income online include promoting recurring billing affiliate programs where you sign someone else up once and earn money for months to come. I'm obsessed with all things passive income and really love the whole idea of building something once and earning money from it for years to come. I highly encourage you to start your own passive income journey by writing for infobarrel(again-check my signature under my name).

If you choose to write for infobarrel, I highly recommend you check out an e-book called Infobarrel Success that teaches you everything you need to know about writing for Infobarrel and making some real good money. It's written by jcmayer777 who I mentionned above that is probably the highest earner here on Infobarrel.

If you're interested in learning about passive income, there are so many blogs out there detailing the passive income journeys of many entrepreneurs. All the information out there is free and it's a great ressource for any newbies out there.

The main reason I'm so obsessed with passive income is that I read a book called the 4-hour workweek and it's about how it's more important to be rich with time than rich with money. Imagine being able to work only 4 hours a week yet still earn more than your friends and family. That's the dream. And it is possible.

What would you do if you had all that free time? I love passive income and money in general. I wonder what it is about money that drives us so crazy here in the Western world. It's cool though, isn't it. I'm not ashamed to admit that I spend most of my time chasing money. It's my hobby - no, it's my passion. It's not all about money but money sure does help.

If you're interested in other ideas on how to get some passive income coming in - consider, building an automated website or blog or an e-business. If you have no technical skills when it comes to creating an e-business, I would recommend sitebuildit. It's an all-in-one package and it's created a lot of incomes for many people. The beauty of that system is that you can really write about whatever it is you most enjoy, whatever your passion or hobby is about and still earn a healthy side income. Heck, you could even replace your job if you work at it hard enough.

Other passive income ideas include creating Iphone apps and selling them. You build the app once or hire a programmer to do it for you and you continue to get paid for as long as your app is selling. Or, here is another favorite of mine although this one does not necessarily mean making money on the net. How about inventing something? That's passive income at it's best. You create an invention, license it to someone else and earn money for years to come. If inventing is something you'd be interested in learning more about, I highly recommend a book called One Simple Idea by Stephen Key. It teaches you how to invent things and license them without investing all your life savings into an idea. This is the best way to do it because you won't be risking too much for your idea. Again, I highly recommend it, it's a must-read.

Other offline passive income ideas include things like rental income from renting out income properties and dividend income from stocks you own.

Let's get back to passive income generated online though. I can't seem to think of any other ways that I haven't covered yet but use your imagination. Basically, a passive income project can mean anything that does not involve you trading your time for money. Look into residual income opportunities out there on the net and autopilot income ideas and automated income ideas and passive income ideas. These all essentially mean the same thing.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article!

Signing off.