Randy Roads is a legend in the guitar playing world and he brought fast guitar playing and technique to a wide audience. In his short life he helped define the early days of classic heavy metal and his music lives on as popular today as it was back then. His guitar playing style has helped countless new guitar players find their own style and songs like Crazy Train and Diary of a Madman are heavy metal classics. Jackson guitars have released some new models in the Roads line including the RRXT featured in this article. 

Jackson Roads RRXT

This guitar comes in black, transparent black, and Kawasaki green with black bevels. The black looks the best but the green is nice too. This guitar retails for under $500.00 and is an amazing deal in a heavy metal style guitar. The neck through body construction features a basswood body. The neck on this guitar is made out of a maple speed neck with a tilt-back scarf joint headstock. The neck pickup in the guitar is Duncan-designed aalnico HB102N. The bridge features a high-output ceramic HB 102B. Both pickups are of the humbucking variety. The rosewood fingerboard features a curve at the nut so you can easily play chords. It flattens out at the neck joint for those lower action bends and other techniques which require the notes to be precise.

This guitar features 22 jumbo frets and three-way pickup switching. The bridge is a Tone Pros fully adjustable bridge and the strings are through-body for a great sustain and they are easily changed when worn out with this design. Other features on the guitar are the Pearloid shark- fin inlays along the fretboard.  The nut width is 1.6875" (43 mm) while the scale length is 25.5" (64.8 cm). The tuning machines on this guitar are sealed die-cast tuners. It ships with regular .009 gauge strings.

Recommendations for the Jackson Roads RRXT

This guitar is an excellent value at only $500.00 and is suitable for hard rock and heavy metal playing styles. Any guitar player would love to play this great Jackson Roads RRXT in the Roads guitar lineup. The 22 frets however are a problem since this makes it impossible to play songs that require 24 frets. You can get this guitar with 24 frets with the Rhoads RR24XT model. You can also buy the Roads RRXMG which does feature 24 frets and a locking nut, but it costs a few hundred more. If your price range is $500.00 then this guitar is a good value despite the lack of additional frets. For guitar players who want a simple design and not want to fuss with a locking nut tremolo system then this guitar is the one for you.  Some players don’t like tremolo systems such as the Floyd Rose system which can be a pain, especially for new players who don’t know much about them. The downside is you can’t play all the tricks associated with hard rock and metal guitar playing so you miss out in that area.


Jackson Roads RRXTCredit: Amazon

The neck on this guitar makes it easy to play fast scale runs so the guitar is still built for speed. The lack of a proper tremolo however will turn off some players. Of course down the line you can always modify the guitar to suit your needs with new hardware. For advancing guitar players looking to expand their playing the Roads RRXMG is the better deal since it features 24 frets and a locking nut tremolo system. For those players with limited funds that still want a metal style guitar the RRXT is an excellent choice but you’ll miss out on some advanced features. For $500.00 you get what you paid for, which is a decent guitar for playing metal styles.