When I think of heavy metal guitar legends the only name that pops into my mind is Randy Rhoads. He helped define the heavy metal era of the 1980s and although his life was cut short his music has helped influence many guitar players that came after him. If you’re looking for a Randy Rhoads style guitar then you need to look no further than the USA RRI Rhoads guitar in this article.

If you want to define your heavy metal guitar sound and need a classic metal guitar to do it the RR1 Rhoads Select Series is a great guitar. You’ll pay over $2000.00 for it but the guitar is worth the price. This is the guitar that Rhoads helped to prototype before his life was taken from us. He never got to see its production but this model is based upon that design. The guitar features Seymour Duncan open humbuckers with the SH2 at the neck position and a TB4 at the bridge position. This guitar features an original Floyd Rose double-locking tremolo system so your guitar will stay in tune and you can blaze through all the advanced dives and tricks associated with his amazing guitar playing technique.

The famous Jackson shark fin style mother-of-pearl inlays are set into the compound radius ebony fretboard. The neck is a fast maple that runs through the sculpted alder body. The Jackson logo at the top of the headstock is also in mother-of-pearl. The fretboard curves at the nut so those chords are super easy to play and as you approach the neck joint the fingerboard flattens out so you can reach all those high notes with ease without fretting problems. You can relax with his guitar and let the sounds come out naturally without any hand cramping.

For those that like different colors this model comes in many different shades and patterns including: Absinthe Frost, Acapulco Gold, Agent Orange, Standard Black, Blue Ghost Flames, Black Ghost Flames, Bolted Steel, Cobalt Blue, Burnt Cherry Sunburst, Copper Snakeskin, Darby Green, Deep Candy Red, Eerie Dess Swirl, Ferrari Red, Ferrari Red with Black Bevels, and a host of other color choices such as regular white. The guitar features 22 jumbo frets and a Nut Width of1.6875" (43 mm) with the scale length at 25.5" (64.8 cm). The pickup switching is a 3 position toggle and master volume and two tone knobs round out the controls on this guitar. The tuning machines are die-cast and it ships with regular strings in the .009 gauge. The guitar comes with a deluxe Jackson molded case to protect your investment.

Guitar Recommendations

Jackson Rhoads RR1 Electric Guitar

This Jackson RR1 Rhoads is a killer guitar but the high-cost makes it a difficult one to own for most players. If you’re a big Roads fan it’s a must own however since it’s such a great and easy instrument to play. The lack of 24 frets however is a drawback because you can’t play solos that use twenty-four frets and in today’s advanced metal styles you really need those extra frets. For classic style metal and hard rock this guitar will shine for the user. For those that still want a  Rhoads style guitar but can’t afford this high price tag you can buy the Rhoads RRXMG Jackson Guitar which not only features the locking nut but it has 24 frets and a price tag of just under 500 dollars if you get it on sale. The RR1 is just true to the specifications of Rhoads at the time so it only has 22 frets. I can see true fans buying this guitar but for most average players the RRXMG is a better choice since the price tag is quite affordable and you still get a quality Jackson instrument. If you have deep pocketbooks and want one this RRI would be a fantastic investment and a guitar you’ll enjoy for years to come.