An improved search engine ranking is essential if you want to make money on the internet. You might run a blog & wonder why you don't have any readers or you want to drive more traffic to your products. SEO is a technical process that isn't always in line with common sense. Here are a few steps for better seo results.

Beware of sites that offer high search engine rankings over night. Some seo companies can build you links overnight but when you stop paying them, the links will disappear or be replaced with their newest clients. There seems to be a philosophy on the web that you can make thousands of dollars passively by outsourcing your work. You'll want to be aware that by doing this you will probably sacrifice quality and you never know what tactics these people will use. It's better to pick a topic you are genuinely interested in just as long as you have a solid plan for monetization. You may need to spend time everyday for years to really build up your online presence.

Update your site often, daily if possibly. This means that the spiders & bots will probably be around to visit more. Not only will you need a fair amount of content you'll also need quality content. You'll want to pick a niche so you can become an authority. This ensures that readser to your site will be interested in your other articles as well.

Understand the difference between search engine rankings and advertisements. There is a sponsored links section at the top of most search engines. You have to pay to be in this section which is a great way to get your new website seen. However, it won't affect your search engine rankings. These tops spots will cost you a lot of money and don't ensure that you'll get a lot of natural traffic down the road.

Avoid duplicate content. There are always programs for sale offering you hundreds of websites that you can have up & running in a matter of minutes. However, in order to be placed in the search engines, you will need to have original, unique content. You'll also need to promote each of your articles in some way whether it's through social networking or you are into article marketing.

Ignore the forums and get to work. Sure there is a huge learning curve for SEO. You may end up using all of your time trying to learn. If there was a sure fire formula for success this would work, but there isn't. Well there probably is but the search engines sure aren't sharing what it is. A lot of the techniques you learn at these forums can get you penalized. The old adage "If it sounds too good to be true it probably is" is very true with search engine rankings. It might just be that someone is trying to sell a product or promote someone else's product. If there is an automation of the process you'll want to look at it closely to make sure that it won't hurt you or get you banned from your chosen marketing or link building methods.

Similarly you can't just assume that you know what you're doing. This can lead to discouragement when things don't work and you don't have a support system to back you up. You'll find that you need to constantly be reading and verifying trusted sources of information so that you can get those top rankings and stay there. This means that you'll need to do research that isn't always fun.

Give it some time. There is always a mythical or not so mythical sandbox rumor where people on forums think that they aren't ranking well because their site is small or new. You'll need to produce content over a matter of time to really start bringing in the cash. You might also hear the theory a lot that building a big site that ranks well is risky but building smaller sites that each bring in a few dollars a day is an easy to build a full time income online. Whichever approach you choose you need to be constantly tweaking your knowledge base and how you do things. You may have to produce a lot of content before you hit the right combination for your niche and budget. You may get lucky and start earning money right away. Persistence is the key. High search engine rankings are reached through a lot of trial and error as well as hard work.

Get higher ranking sites to link to you. This can be more difficult than it seems, especially if you are new. Look out for blog carnivals from high ranking sites so that you can get a valuable link just make sure that it doesn't have that nasty nofollow tag attached to it. You can also use article marketing which allows you to place a few links in your signature. You'll need to spend as much time trying to improve your search engine rankings through SEO and education than you do on producing content for your actual site.

One of the keys to ranking high on search engines isn't a technical aspect it's a very human and emotional at its core. You have to be able to realize how far you've come even if you aren't making any money yet. You can celebrate whenever your site moves up in the listings even if you aren't getting a lot of traffic yet. This will keep you motivated so that you'll want to keep going on in your venture and you won't become discouraged and quit.

Pick an arena you can win in. It may be tempting to go after the highest paying keywords that have tons of visitors pouring in. Be aware that many other people will also be targeting those keywords which means they will be very competitive for the top results. Some of these people have well known sites & others are willing to spend a lot of money on advertising. Instead, look for a less competitive keyword that still pays well.