Rapid communication acceleration and the resulting effects on society is an article that will take an honest look at where we stand as a civilization dealing with rapid advances to the way we communicate.


Gone are the days of penning a letter and carefully addressing the envelope to send our correspondence by snail mail. No longer do we wait impatiently for the little white truck to bring us an answer. Communication has taken a giant step forward and it never looked back.

So here we find ourselves in an age when anyone in the world can feasibly communicate with anyone else in the world in real time. Take a second to think about the implications of this in a few different areas of social interest.

Starting with a gander at what is now possible in the field of medicine. Where communication has made it possible today for a surgeon in Massachusetts, working from a  hospital in Boston, to technically operate on a patient in France or England, with robotics and video technology. Amazing advancements in micro surgery and telecommunications have and will continue to advance the field of medicine by leaps and bounds.

Thinking about the field of education we can now teach the world from one virtual classroom. Anyone with an Internet connection can attend college right from home. A degree can be earned at minimal cost as there is no brick and mortar overhead for the institution. This afford a great deal of people that otherwise would be priced out of an education to make it work for them.

Business has flourished from the benefits that have been added by new communication technology. The stock market has trouble keeping up with the trades that happen so fast in real time. The software is out dated day after day.

Floods of new Internet users from around the world are entering this communication game every day and the resulting flood of traffic and data transfer is bound to overrun the capabilities of the web in less time rather then more. Constant updates are required to handle the traffic flow.

How we can keep up with this overwhelming demand amazes me. The virtual world has now almost over taken the physical for many people. They are now spending greater then fifty percent of their time on line.

Another area we find rapid advancement is the ability to research any given subject in minutes. Anyone can become an expert at anything with a little reading. All you need is an Internet connection and the will to learn.

Everything you may want to learn about is available with a simple keyboard and computer. No more trips to the library or buying that set of encyclopedias over five years from that door to door salesman. Now a simple search on line and in seconds you have an answer.

Communication and The State Of Global Society

The Haves And The Have Nots

In the age of information we live in, with data flowing freely, from continent to continent and country to country. A large majority of people have now been exposed to the outside world they never knew. This has allowed a leveling of sorts throughout the world.

There are different words for what's happened and it can be explained with different metaphors but the best analogy I can come up with is middle class America. A social group of people who strive to be upper class America. The exact same way that lower class America wants to be middle class America. We all as human beings strive to be the best that we can be and have the most that we can have of our wants and wishes. Life is short and once we know something exists that we desire we try to get it.

So the grass is always greener comes to mind as well. If Johnny has a pedal bike and no one else on the block has a pedal bike then he's envied by the other kids on the block. He's not envied by kids from the next town over because they haven't seen his bike.

This is what's now going on in our world. People are now gaining exposure to what's out there to be had and that's new. They have been confined to what they can see around them for the extent of their existence and now they can all see what the industrialized world has managed and they want to be a part of the modern world.

Human nature is filled with desire. We want what we don't have more then the things we can acquire. This is not a problem if you don't know something's out there. Now every body has access to what's out there. The have nots have seen what the haves have.

What now will the resulting desire manifest itself into? I'm really not sure and I can't say I'm looking to find out. I've learned living on the streets of America as well as within the hidden communities that exist throughout this country.

What I've been through in life, has taught me well, when you have something that everybody wants, eventually someone is going to try to take it from you. One of the reasons for my extreme minimalist lifestyle.

The western world has long enjoyed the benefits of modern advancements in communication and technologies in every area of science and industry. The benefits and enjoyable lifestyle that these advancements have produced are now becoming evident to all.

It seems to me that the field has been leveled somewhat. All of humanity can now easily share in the information we are compiling so rapidly. The knowledge bank of humankind is being written as your reading right now.

Making sure that this new communication era, and all it avails, is available to not only just the privileged but to all of mankind, has been a priority of those who are in a position to do so. I salute their accomplishments and I look forward to watching a new global society flourish from this new massive compilation of community knowledge we call the world wide web.