There is a procedure out there that is fairly new for opiate addicts that can help them to get through the pain and discomfort of opiate withdrawal. This procedure is known as ultra rapid detox and essentially what happens is that they put you under and flush your system out in a few hours time. When you wake up your body will be completely detoxed from all the opiate drugs and at that point you will probably not even feel any withdrawal symptoms.

Now this procedure sounds a bit like a magic cure but it is not without some problems and issues. For one thing the procedure has some risk to it because some addicts have apparently died during the detox process. This does not happen during a normal detox from opiates and so if you want to get through the discomfort of detox without any pain at all then you will have to weigh this risk. Going to a normal drug rehab is one option, and they can generally help your detox pain with some medications, but it is not going to be perfect. There will still be some discomfort.

Ultra rapid detox is too new to be covered by insurances so it is going to be very expensive no matter what kind of funding options you have. But of course the cost is not really a big deal if you actually stay clean and sober after the procedure and it will essentially pay for itself and more within a fairly short period of time. But of course there is no guarantee on staying clean and many people who have had the procedure done have actually relapsed and gone back to using opiates again.

What really has to happen with a procedure like ultra rapid detox is that very intense follow up care is needed in order to insure a successful recovery. If the addict does not get into a program of some sort that can help them to deal with their life on an everyday basis then they are going to be struggling to maintain any sort of sobriety. They need to learn some new coping mechanisms and find other people they can relate to that can help them on their journey.