Let me tell you one thing I hate: getting killed in Call of Duty 4. Let me tell you another thing I hate: getting killed in any video game. Now, let me tell you a solution to my dilemma: using rapid fire controllers for Xbox 360. That's right folks I'm talking about the underground phenomenon banned by Microsoft that lets you fire any weapon on automatic. This is the best way to kill and not be killed. Just like evolution you've got to use whatever tools you can get at your disposal.

The way this modded out controller works is that the circuit board actually gets soldered in order to enable automatic firing. Once that process is all done, then it's just a matter of holding down the button. Now when you play first-person shooters that have the ability for dual wield, you can take advantage of this hack. It'll even work with non-dual wield games. The most popular game that it comes in handy for is Call of Duty 4, but it'll give you an edge in a bunch of others.

So once you have the rapid fire controllers for Xbox 360 you can either opt to hold down the button in the back right of the controller for the rapid fire, or you can just pull the trigger like normal to fire regularly. Depending on which modded controller you get for your 360, you can have a double or a single automatic button. I say get the double because more is always better in video games. If you don't get it, your opponent will. And he'll blast you away.

So there you have it: the many uses of rapid fire controllers for Xbox 360. This is what's hot and this is what you must have in order to compete against everyone else who's doing it. Will it ensure victory? No. You've obviously got to have some gaming skills, but it'll definitely help you out in certain situations. And by the way, you can buy them online from about a million different vendors who have already done all the work for you.