Trying to lose weight rapidly? If you are on a quest to get weight off fast, then you will be interested in this article because we are going to show you how to maximize your weight loss efforts by burning more calories.

First and foremost, in order to burn more calories you will need to increase your basal metabolic rate. Raising your basal metabolic rate is easily accomplished by increasing your lean muscle mass. Before, you run off or think that adding more lean muscle to your body composition is not an easy thing to do, let me explain how you can accomplish this.

Any exercise, but especially those with light to moderate resistance will increase your lean muscle mass. To really maximize how fast you put on lean muscle and encourage additional calories to be burned, focus on the largest muscle groups in the body. Primarily those found in the legs, abdomen, back and trunk of your body is where you should focus your efforts for the quickest results.

Circuit training will also help you to burn more calories much more quickly than weight lifting or resistance training alone. You body will always work to help you keep your weight at a steady state, unfortunately, so it is necessary to mix things up from time to time. Many get the best results mixing cardio and resistance training at intervals throughout their workout sessions rather than doing all weights or all cardio at once.

Similarly, do not make the mistake of thinking that your workouts are the only way you can work more exercise into your day. Consider parking your car and walking to work, taking the stairs or doing a few smaller stretches or movements in the office every hour to add additional training time. Small adjustments over time really add up to your overall fitness.

One final tip for burning more calories and ultimately rapid weight loss; is to be certain that you are drinking from 80 ounces of water a day to upwards of one gallon. Why so much? Water is responsible for keeping your metabolism running at peak efficiency. Many of our metabolic processes take place in water, and water is the agent which is responsible for washing the by products of fat metabolism from your body. Without water your metabolism will be sluggish and will not get the full benefit of your other activities to encourage rapid and consistent weight loss. Your metabolism is the deciding factor in how many calories are burned and ultimately how much weight you will be able to lose.