There is a steadily growing body of research in the academic world supporting the use of green tea for rapid weight loss. Why is green tea a good choice when attempting to quickly reduce your waistline? There are many beneficial reasons to add green tea to your diet regimen when trying to lose weight fast:

Green tea is high in antioxidants with play a major role in the removal of toxins from you body and assists your metabolism with peak functioning to burn more calories. In addition, antioxidants assist the body in cancer prevention. Green tea is naturally in possession of high levels of antioxidants not found in other teas.

Green tea also tends to raise your energy levels, which encourages you to exercise and be more active during dieting. You will recall that exercise assists your body in building lean muscle to further raise your metabolism, while burning more calories both at rest and while exercising. Increased burning of calories results in significantly faster weight loss than when we diet alone.

Green tea also assists the body with mental clarity. You will feel less of the mental fogginess or sluggishness we often feel while dieting. Mental clarity again helps us in general feeling of increased energy and well being, both of which are factors in staying focused on your weight loss goals.

Green Tea is a negative calorie food. While containing no calories, it encourages the body to burn many more calories than you would on your own.

When learning about the beneficial effects of green tea and diet, I found over 2,000 recent studies on the topic of green tea and its effects on diet and weight loss. What

Was the most startling discovery from such a large body of data? Green tea has one other very important quality; it seems to help the body block the energy you take in from converting it into fat.

Why is this important? Green tea assists your body to become a fat burning machine by helping your body to become more efficient at metabolizing already stored fat, while it blocks your body from storing new fat from the foods you are currently taking in. You burn off what you take in today, and then get to work on more efficiently ridding yourself of what you have already stored as excess pounds. Isn't that the goal of every weight loss plan? It certainly explains the reasons why green tea helps with rapid weight loss when coupled with proper diet and exercise.

How much green tea do you need to drink to get this very beneficial rapid weight loss effect? Just 3 cups per day will have you losing weight much more rapidly than without drinking green tea for weight loss.