Yamaha Raptors are among the best four wheelers out there. These great sport quads come in several sizes, youth to experienced adult. The line has been a staple for Yamaha, one of the major players in the atv lineup, for many years now. In fact, the popularity of these sport quads has promoted the expansions on the Yamaha Raptors four wheeler line. These are sleek, sporty looking wheeled toys. Let's take a look at some of the models available in this atv line. There are 5 models, different engine size options.

The 90:

The littlest unit in the Raptors four wheeler lineup in the kids quad. The engine, a snappy 88cc four stroke, is typical of Yamaha products. It provides great power, a cool, but not loud sound, and great fuel economy, just as you would expect from Raptor four wheelers. Yamaha has made the youth model for several years now, I would assume due to it's popularity. MSRP is just under $2,700 on these great your atv rides.

The 250:

The Yamaha Raptors four wheelers lineup had a new addition just a couple of years ago, the 250. The 249cc motor provides some punch for smaller, or less experienced riders. The sleek design, typical of the lineup for several years, makes it one of the more cool looking sport atv's on the market. The 2.4 gallon gas tank is a good size, compared to other sport atv models, allowing less fuel ups, and more riding. This Yamaha Raptor four wheeler will set you back about $4,500. This style is so popular, the Chinese ATV industry has copied it relentlessly.

The 350:

Almost eight inches of clearance gives these Yamaha Raptors four wheelers plenty of clearance for the trails. The motor provides plenty of power to keep experienced adult riders happy. My friend, another fellow atv enthusiast, owns this model. It provides great takeoff speed, and a higher than expected top end. At six feet tall, and over 200 pounds, the unit carries him around with ease. This Yamaha Raptor four wheeler is a winner. At $5,399 new, it provides good value. The 350 Raptor four wheelers compare favorably to 350cc Honda ATV's.

The 700's:

Yes, there are two 700 models in the Raptors four wheeler lineup from Yamaha. The 700r, and 700r se, both offer sleek looks, just as you'd expect from the atv lineup, along with great speed and performance. I've attempted to race someone on a 700r with my utility atv; I was blown away. The takeoff speed was nothing short of incredible. The speed pickup remained consistent, without the lull you normally get. The 700r will cost you about $8,100 new, with the 700r se commanding an additional $700. These Raptor four wheelers by Yamaha are quite popular on the trails in my area. The sleek look is really cool.

The Yamaha sport atv lineup is among the most popular by any manufacturer. In fact, the sleek design is so popular that many of the off brands are copying the body style. The performance, from what I've seen, is incredible. If you are in the market for a sport atv, the Raptors four wheelers deserve some investigation. They have been a staple in the Yamaha lineup for some time now.