What is the rarest pokemon card?

Pokemon have been around for about a decade and although its popularity has been declining, they still have a devoted fan base. The card game has caught on after the show and many people continue to play it. With the release of the pokemon card game, many fans go crazy about collecting them. Some cards have been known to sell for thousand of dollars. So what is the rarest card of tRarest Pokemon Card In The WorldCredit: wiki commonhem all?

The rarest pokemon card in the entire world is the Pokemon Illustrator or the Pikachu Illustrator. This card was never release in English and only 4 of them exist in the entire world. This card have been sold for 20,000 dollars during the pokemon frenzy and even in recent years, it has been known to be sold for above 10,000 dollars. Even though the Pokemon Illustrator is worth so much, there have been other cards that are selling for thousand of dollars too. The Pokemon Fan Club Umbreon is currently being asked for 15,000 dollars, the first edition Charizard was worth about 2500 dollars.

How do you tell if your card is worth thousand?

There really is no definite answer to this because these prices vary depending on the person and the popularity of the show. But you can tell if the card is rare by the symbol on the bottom right corner of card. If there is a star there, it is consider rare. Remember, not all rare cards are worth thousand of dollars. If the card is holographic or it has some sort of weird unique design, then it might be Rarest Pokemon Card In The WorldCredit: wiki commonworth thousand of dollars. Always check on sites like ebay to see if people are selling the same cards as you, check to see if people are actually bidding for that asking price too. If a seller is asking too high and no one bids, it is unlikely that the card is actually worth that much. Remember, there really is no clear guide to how much a pokemon card is worth, all values can change with time. It might be worth a dollar today and 50,000 dollars tomorrow. So save the cards, you might never know when it is worth thousand of dollars.