Rashes on Inner Thighs:  Due to Shaving?

  You've just discovered rashes on your inner thighs and wonder if they are due to shaving.  If you haven't shaved recently I doubt it.  If you have shaved within the past two days, that will be possibly, but only if you shaved along your inner thighs.  And guys, that's not such a good idea.  Most women like men with hairy legs and thighs unless you are with one of those women with skin fetishes.  In that case, shave away.  All that body hair!  Don't forget around the crotch area, too.

  Seriously, though, if you're a woman and have rashes on your inner thighs and wonder if they are because you shaved the previous night, it's possible.  It's also possible to have inner thigh rashes if you don't shave.  Eventually that hair will irritate your thighs to the point of rashes.  Either that, or if the hair gets real long on your inner thighs, those head lice you've been sporting will make their way downwards. 

And then, not only will you have rashes on your inner thighs due to not shaving, you'll be itching like mad, too!   The skin on the inner thighs of women is a sensitive area, so when shaving there, make sure to use shaving cream or gel formulated especially for women's sensitive skin.  Unless you have skin on your inner thighs worthy of being mistaken for leather,  aged leather.  Then you don't have sensitive skin and probably will never get rashes from shaving or rubbing your thighs together.  If you do shave your inner thighs and get rashes as a result, even after using shaving cream or gel, it's possible you are allergic to the shaving cream or gel.  In that case you're stuck.  You can either shave the area and get rashes, or not shave and look like cave woman of the year.  You'd be accepted by your hippie brother in law who still thinks it's 1967.  You can wear long skirts or pants to cover hair inner thighs or rashes, but I think the skirt would be better.  Pants would just irritate the area more.  If you do get the rashes on your inner thighs from shaving, all you can do is either scratch, or put some anti itch ointment on the area and hope it won't further irritate your skin.

Rashes on inner thighs are not fun but at times looking good far outweighs any inconvenient you might feel from shaving your thighs and legs. That is even more important when you have to wear you swimsuit at the beach or at the local pool. Because you will be wearing less clothing, you will likely feel conscious and will not want to be the only hairy legged woman vying for attention. The only way you can get away without shaving is if you are willing to wear a burkini. That will also get some attention because you will likely be the only one fully clothed with head gear at the beach. Having rashes on inner thighs is not the end of the world but at times shaving cannot be avoided