Rat Cages for Sale

If you have a pet rodent, or work in a lab with them, then you need to find rat cages for sale so you can have something to keep them in. Unless of course you want to let them roam free just to watch all the girls shriek and jump onto chairs and countertops like in the cartoons. There are several types of rodent enclosures available for you to consider. You can often choose between new large models as well as used rat cages if you want something cheap. Let's take a look at all the different types and where you can buy them.

Used Rat Cages for Sale

Finding a used enclosure for your pet rodent isn't all that difficult. You can find quite a few on CraigsList and eBay. One thing to remember if you're thinking about getting used rat cages is that they may not be up to par quality-wise when you get it. You may have to do some minor renovations to it so that it suits the needs of both you and your rodents.

Check for cracks or breaks in the wire, and if it's a glass, plastic or wooden enclosure be sure to inspect all the seals and everything to make sure it's safe to keep your pets in. Always clean used rat cages prior to putting them to use just to get the old smell out so your pets don't realize it's been used before.

Cheap Rat Cages for Sale

Pet stores often have some pretty good deals on cheap rat cages, but your best bet is probably to shop online. With dozens of stores competing head-to-head for your business, you'll notice that prices are much more competitive on the internet.

Since you want to find cheap rat cages for sale in terms of price and not quality, be sure to shop around as much as you can. Websites like Amazon, PETCO, eBay, and CheapPetProducts.net are some of the most reputable resources to get started with. You could also look on Google Shopping and it will automatically come up with tons of results from various websites with prices listed. You can then filter the results in order to narrow it down to only the cheap enclosures.

Large Rat Cages for Sale

Large enclosures are very nice but they usually come with a hefty cost. However, with most models, you get what you pay for in that the rat cages are all quality and have unique features. Some of the most popular models include:

  • Super Pet Habitat Defined 4-Story Home
  • Fop Martina Large Chrome Enclosure
  • Prevue Small Pet and Rodent Enclosure Model 495
  • Deluxe My First Home Large
  • PETCO Manor Habitat

These large rat cages for sale are a few of the best ones out there. All of these models can easily be found online and also in pet stores like SuperPetz and Petsmart. Remember to pay close attention to the dimensions to ensure they can actually fit in the space you have available.

This is all just a taste of what's available out there. Do your own research and shop around at all the various online stores that have rat cages for sale. If you're stumped on some good websites to visit, check out the list below which features ten excellent resources to get you on your way:

  • PetStore.com
  • CheapPetProducts.net
  • PetBlvd.com
  • PETCO.com
  • Amazon.com
  • eBay.com
  • DrsFosterSmith.com
  • LNT.com
  • ANTOnline.com
  • OpenTip.com

Make sure you check out all of these sites and see what they have to offer. It only takes a minute or two to compare prices online so take advantage! You could end up saving a good $20 to $30 just by exploring your options!