Rattan ceiling fans help bring a bit of the tropics to your home. These popular fans have sparked the imagination of many interior designers, both amateur and professional, with their unique woven styles and British Colonial flair. Here you'll discover more about these tropical ceiling fans, rattan as a material, and where you can purchase one for your home.

Rattan Ceiling Fans: Island Beauty And The Brits

rattan ceiling fans_1Most people know the term rattan, but they are unfamiliar with what it is. Rattan is a vine that thrives in tropical forests throughout many islands and the Far East. It's been a material used for furniture for hundreds of years, and it's still very popular today. Rattan has a lot of great properties that make it an excellent furniture and home decor material. It's lightweight, somewhat flexible, and durable, allowing it to be woven into unique patterns. It also takes stain and paints well, so you can find rattan decor in many different colors. It even withstands weather and doesn't warp or splinter like wood, so it's a great indoor or outdoor material and perfect for ceiling fan blades.

Most rattan ceiling fan selections evoke a tropical island feel and complement well the ever popular British Colonial home style. This style brings together traditional British design of the 17th and 18th century with the decor of the islands they colonized during that period. It's a unique mix that pulls together solid wood pieces with the design essences of the tropics, particularly rattan and prints using familiar island icons. It's a meshing of Britain, the Caribbean, the Far East and Africa that just works.

Where To Use Rattan Ceiling Fans

rattan ceiling fans_2

Any home, of course, looking for that British Colonial or island style, will do well with a few rattan ceiling fans. They are a major focal point for helping you create that atmosphere. These ceiling fans, though, can work with much more than that. Rattan has a well-loved look that can work in the most traditional decor styles, and even in many of the most modern homes. They are perfect for a safari look, to complement a Southern style library, or for a room full of modern art. As decorative ceiling fans go, rattan fans are very flexible in terms of where they can be placed.

They also make excellent outdoor fan blades. Because rattan can survive even the worst humidity and rain without warping, you can trust that your rattan ceiling fan will last for a long time. Be sure, though, to check that the fan you choose is wet rated or damp rated. Rattan may be resilient, but the metals and small working mechanics in the fan base may not be. Do your homework before placing any ceiling fan in open air conditions. rattan ceiling fan blade

The Price And Where To Buy Rattan Ceiling Fans

You can find many of these island ceiling fans on sale for between $200 to $400. Rattan fan blades themselves cost $100 - $200 for a package of five. The price variation on both fans and blades is based off of the size chosen and the complexity of the design.

You'll find a good selection of both fans and rattan ceiling fan blades at Amazon.com. Their prices are often some of the lowest around for these items. You'll also find a smaller selection of the fans (but not as often the blade sets) at local home improvement stores.

There's a lot to love about rattan ceiling fans, from their island chic look to their durability. Wherever you purchase, you are sure to enjoy your ceiling fan for a long time. It will certainly help define your room style, whatever it may be.