Rattan garden furniture has grown in popularity as more of us are looking for well designed patio furniture. There are a number ofdifferent options open to us and this article will give an overview of both how to get rattan garden furniture and how to choose the best quality or cheap rattan garden furniture without spending too much.

Rattan garden furniture is actually not made from the palm at all. Because of its exposure to the elements it is actually a synthetic product made from resin. These are still often hand woven but they are not made of rattan. This gives them a longer life and ifgiven a little care will last for decades.

When choosing rattan or wicker garden furniture you will want to ensure that it is treated to be mold resistant. It should be waterproof and, if possible, made from a recycled material. Look for good guarantees as this is a signthat the makers of the rattan furniture for the garden is of good quality. A guarantee is a stamp of approval and will go a long way to ensuring that what you have purchased is of good quality.

Finding cheap rattan garden furniture should not mean a compromise on quality. Don't make false savings by purchasing inferior products. Instead, look for garden furniture closeouts or end of range sell offs. These are the best ways to get discount rattan furniture without compromising on quality.

You can often also find good sales at certain times of the year so keep an eye out for rattan garden furniture sales.

When choosing rattan garden furniture please keep in mind the style of your garden or patio. Rattan patio furniture should complement your existing area. If you want modern rattan garden furniture then think about whether it will fitwith the garden furniture you already have. You may be better off with classic rattan furniture if you have a traditional outdoor living space.

Caring for rattan garden furniture is a fairly simple process. A mild soapy solution with a small amount of weak bleach is about all that is needed. A gentle wipe should keep it in great condition. A soft brush may also be used to get in between the weave and to give it a really good clean.

Rattan should be water repellent to ensure its long life so ensure that this is stated before you make a purchase.

Rattan garden furniture has become very popular so if you shop around you should see some good deals available.