Raven Describes Cat Towers and Related Items

Raven was into a rant. She was sick of most commercial items presented as cat toys and she did all she could to explain her point of view to her human, George. Raven went through the ads in the magazines the human kept in the den and brought them to her human. With the magazines clutched in her teeth, Raven deposited them on the floor, pointed to them and made a huge X hovering over the ads. Her facial expression was one of contempt mixed with humor. There was, she said, a kind of toy she thought worthwhile. Then Raven brought over a magazine on woodworking. In it there were pictures of cat towers and related items. These were cat houses, cat scratching trees, cat climbing trees. These had possibilities, not like the ad that showed a picture of a cat toilet, called affectionately by its ad maker....cat urine. No, these had possibilities and the cool thing is that she and George could make their own cat towers in their woodwork shop right at home. They did not have to buy these items readymade. She would direct George on what to saw, what to nail together, what to sand, and how to design each component.

Raven and George set out the next morning to the workshop. In the shop, they had all sorts of saws, drills, clamps, screws, hammers, nails, and stacks of boards of different sizes. They had levels, threading machines for sizing pipes, and an assortment of paints and brushes. They even had a torch for welding and masks to cover their eyes from harmful sparks.

They would start out making the cat tower, but in the long run, if this project worked well and Raven was pleased with their creation, they would expand the project into making cat tree houses, cat tree furniture, climbing cat trees, cat scratching trees, and even cat towers with hammocks. WOW. What projects they had planned. And speaking of plans, Raven directed George to pin their blueprint on the cork board which was on the back wall.

Cat Tower Creation Leads to Making More Cat Furniture

The cat tower called for six levels of lounging area with hemp-like posts and a rope to swing on or climb. This piece of furniture would occupy two cats easily. They worked diligently and the next project would be to construct a Cat Tree. This was challenging. It had six levels for lounging and observation from on high. It had a little house for the cat to snooze when they wanted compete privacy. It was also designed to promote jumping and climbing. It was also, Raven thought, excellent for climbing up and down without slipping. Great design, said Raven. It gets and A.

The next item of cat furniture was a cat tree with cat condos. Two box shaped condos invited cats on the second and third floor. Eventually, Raven and George designed and constructed three finished products and they placed them in the den, the living room and the master bedroom. Raven could have her pick or she could change venue from time to time. They did not paint any of their creations. They left them in their natural wood state and this added a classy look to their products. It blended well with the Scandinavian décor of the rooms in general. So by the time Mrs. G. returned from her bridge game, they would have their creations ready and placed in the various rooms. Raven and

George were eager to see what Mrs. G. would think about the new arrangement.

A Business is Born: Marketing Raven Cat Towers

Mrs. G. was so taken with the craftsmanship displayed by Raven and her husband, George that she began to toss out business ideas. . She, after all, was a dealer in fine art and she was surprised to find such creativity right in her family. Mrs. G. took out her cell phone and took a picture of the new sculptures in their home. She kissed her husband and Raven and as they settled into the den, she explained her idea. She said that what George and Raven had created would rival the best artists that worked in crafts and sculpture in the U.S. and in Europe. But there was an added reason for her excitement. They could market the product as a cat product created by a cat named Raven. Raven's and George's pictures would be plastered on billboards, cycled on UTube, imbedded in songs and made into films. They would become stars.

And so it happened. Everything that Mrs. G. said would happen did happen. Raven and her husband became stars and Mrs. G. was their business manager. She researched the most efficient and effective ways of getting her message before he public. That here is beautiful furniture designed for cats but created by a cat. But not just any cat...a cat called Raven. They traveled not only to Europe but to the Middle East and to Africa, Indonesia, and Singapore. The fact that such beautiful and functional furniture designed for cats had been created by a cat sent the market into an uproar. The team performed in demonstration scenarios, showing Raven dictating to Mr. G. how to place this and that on the sculpture they were making together. Raven knew what would be challenging and comforting for cats, for she was a cat. Raven tried out all their products before releasing them to the market and that is why they were so good. Raven knew what cats like. The furniture was

not designed by a human that was trying to imagine what cats like; she knew what they liked, not guessed what they liked. This would lead to even more business success, for what were the implications for a cat carrier, for cat nip, cat grass, cat food, cat urine remover, cat constipation relief, cat jewelry, cat clothes, etc? The obvious implication was that Cat products should be tested and rated by a cat, but not just any cat, but a cat like RAVEN.