Living The Raw Food Lifestyle : Transitioning Wisely

Important Things To Consider For Beginning A Raw Food Lifestyle

    Every person has health goals that are unique to him or her, and some individuals may be considering living a raw food lifestyle. Each person pursuing a raw lifestyle will have unique reasons for making this choice . There is certainly no "one-size-fits-all" when it comes to living and maintaining a balanced life. One person may be in a difficult position with their health, and seeking out new alternatives. Another person may simply be ready for a brand new lifestyle.

 That person may be ready to get more energized and clean at a cellular level, and ready for optimal  health from a holistic body, mind, spirit perspective. Eating a diet that is high in raw food is now rapidly gaining popularity and reputability as a sound health option. Most people enter this change with enthusiasm but when understanding how to live the raw food lifestyle appropriately, it is important to transition wisely while taking into account certain factors.

  Most people who take on this new lifestyle would be wise to also take into consideration the drastic contrast that their body is now undertaking.

A Gradual Approach Is Key

 When transitioning to living the raw food lifestyle, it is important to keep in mind everything you've previously consumed on a mainstream diet. The body retains accumulated waste matter from mainstream, processed foods that were not easily digestible and began to putrify within the digestive tract over time. Living a full-out, one hundred percent raw food lifestyle may not be the appropriate thing to do, at least not immediately. Living a raw food lifestyle takes time to transition into, from both a mental and physical perspective. Like any other life-change, a person needs time to adjust mentally. The body itself needs a period to transition off of the foods it has been used to.

Natalia Rose is a nutritionist/author whose approach to raw food is excellent for:

  • someone starting out with a raw food diet 
  • someone wanting to transition to living the raw food lifestyle
  • someone who is simply curious and wants more information on the subject. 

 Natalia Rose advocates  wine, dark chocolate, steamed vegetables and potatoes, even eggs and fish, whereas many other programs in this arena do not. As mentioned previously, every person has unique reasons for adding in more raw foods to their diet. So, if a person's intentions are mainly for weight loss and fitness, then it may be just as beneficial to simply consume more plants and grains, lightly steamed or boiled, and to cut out any processed/pre-packaged foods. Living the raw food lifestyle fully may not be a good idea in the long term if the person is not ready to step into the mindset and paradigm-shift that the lifestyle does entail. 

You can get just as many benefits from what you cut out as what you take in.

In fact, that is exactly what this transition to raw food encompasses:

  • eliminating mainstream foods that are harmful to the body
  • introducing foods that will nourish and revitalize the body

   Simply avoiding all white sugars and starches, for example, can have tremendous benefits on its own and is an important component to consider. Transitioning to fully raw with some cooked foods (ie. steamed vegetables, potatoes) is a means that will assist the body in eliminating WASTE MATTER that has accumulated within the digestive tract. Too many raw foods all at once will cause this process to happen too rapidly. This is when other digestive issues tend to arise, such as chronic constipation and irritable bowel syndrome.

 Depending on how drastically a person's intake of raw food is going to increase, the enzymes from the raw food will speed up a process of detoxification. Although this is a process of detoxification that is occurring naturally, this is not always manageable for the body short term and can lead to other digestive issues. The main thing is to transition slowly, which is an idea presented often in many of the works of Natalia Rose. I like Natalia Rose because she is very empathetic to the everyday person who wants to integrate this approach. She offers plenty of profound insights and tips on living the raw food lifestyle and how this encompasses a social-political perspective. The most important thing is to always go at a pace that feels comfortable for you, as an individual with a unique health background.

Never be restrictive or dogmatic with yourself and have fun experimenting! Living the raw food lifestyle is really a journey of health transformation. Adding in more raw foods in whatever way possible is always a wonderful way to transform your health.

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