A raw diet is something that is vastly underappreciated in the country and around the world.  
People fill their diets with processed, acidic foods that take a drastic toll on the body.  
What we eat has such a huge affect on our lives, yet people have not even realized this fact.  
Most people believe that if we just take a few pills and nutritional supplements, it will 
offset everything else that we do.  In reality, it takes a committment to personal health to 
actually be healthy, and although it can be difficult at times, the payoff is more than worth 
it.  You will find that if you consume more of a raw and vegetarian diet, you will have less 
health problems and be less prone to serious diseases.  Although such diseases will be largely 
eliminated in the future via herbal medicines, it is still important to be healthy in other 
ways as well.  This is the best way to ensure that you will live a full and happy life, as well as live up to your full potential and experience greatness unlike anything else before.  That is the powe of raw food and making it a significant part of your life!

If you doubt the significance of a raw diet, think about why cancer and heart disease are so 
prevalent nowadays.  It is because people eat foods that are bad for them and cause the body to 
work harder than it needs to, leading to the degradation of cells and the prevalance of 
cellular problems, including cancer.  And fatty, high cholesterol foods are the source of heart 
disease.  Yet people find that the pleasure they get from consuming these foods is worth the 
potential, horrible pain that is experienced after contracting a disease, which is unfortunate 
yet the truth.  And even when people do get diseases and are told they must change their 
lifestyles, it is not enough to make them change.  In regards to change, it is actually the 
promise of a more pleasurable lifestyle that gets people to do it, not fear.

Eating raw does not have to be bad, though.  There are many innovative raw food products out 
there which allow you to get this kind of nutrition without having to grimace as you consume 
it.  For example, products from the Versativa company are ridiculously nutritious, yet 
completely vegan and raw.  If that's not enough to get you to make the switch, I don't know 
what will!