Many baby boomers are obsessed with staying fit and working at keep young. A big thing is keeping their vitality as they age. They want to grow old gracefully and stay as healthy as they can. The raw food diet comes into play strongly here.

There are many reports stating that processed foods are dumping chemical into our bodies that may not be healthy for us. In fact, they may have a negative effect on our health. Some people you know may have an allergy to sweeteners and develop headaches. Or another member of your family has developed a food allergy to something they have eaten all their life. Some of the effects of chemicals can lead to stomach problems, rashes and other maladies of the body. Raw food has no chemicals that would cause you being struck down with pains and diarrhea.

When you switch to a raw food diet almost all the issues with chemical enhance food disappear. Understandably some will not be able to tolerate whole grains if they have a gluten allergy, but that can be remedied with eating whole rice instead. Interestingly enough, some of the statements regarding the raw food diet is that it will increase your lifespan, boost your energy, and even ward off life-threatening diseases such as cancer, diabetes and others.

So, if you were able to only eat raw foods-what would you eat? You would eat only naturally grown foods that were locally grown. You would then know that what you eat is grown in soil that did not have pesticides and herbicides in it. Red meat will be out of your diet, or at least will be cut way down. The raw food diet does not include such things as pork, lamb, and beef. You will be able to eat some types of seafood in some of the variations of the raw food diet. This diet is essentially a vegetarian diet. Sometimes people decide to eat nothing but vegetables and forgo any type of meat.

One interesting thing about the raw food diet is that you eat only certain foods and only the ones that are in season. This is what people did many generations ago and it seemed like a great idea. If you are eating locally grown food it means that what you eat is not coming from some other area of the world with unknown herbicides and pesticides helping it grow. Your daily diet is a true function of where you live, the kinds of food that are grown during each season, and how they are grown and produced.

There are some critical points to when you set up your raw food for the day. You will need some type of grain, a protein, a variety of vegetables and a dessert of fruit. Depending on your health and consultation with your doctor, you may not want to have a dessert with every meal. Actually, regardless of your health, you should not have a dessert with every meal.

When using the raw food diet you should also consider the texture of the food you eat. You may want a blend of different foods to keep your raw food diet interesting. This means varying your food choices with something soft, smooth, crunchy and sometimes sticky. Give yourself a variety of tastes also. Vary from sweet to sour. You can change the components of your diet depending on the season and what is available.

Blending different items in your raw food diet will keep things interesting and you will have different food sensations. As long as you maintain a healthy balance in your raw food diet you will maintain your health and you just might be able to battle the effects of aging.