Raw Foods

Less Cooking for More Health

Raw diets are clearly not that popular in most societies. However, this is most likely attributed to a lack of public awareness concerning the importance of a raw diet and the preparation of raw food. With this in mind it makes it quite hard to transform a society used to cooking its food.

 Common Raw Foods

 There are many examples of foods that constitute the raw diet family. However, vegetables and fruits are dominant in this category. Oranges and mangoes for instance can be used to make delicious fruit salads that have great health benefits. Also, vegetables such as kale can be consumed raw to boost body nutrients.


One of the unkown aspects of a raw diet is its links with improved sleep outcome. Another attributable benefit is the fact that the consumption of a raw diet can help in the development of shiny, thick and healthy hair. Girls and women would give everything to have a bouncy hair texture and this can be found in a raw food diet. Dandruff, dryness and inexplicable shedding off of hair are minimised by consumption of such a diet.

Another important aspect of a raw diet is the minimisation of pains, aches and minor illnesses. If you take raw food diet, migraines, headaches, flu, colds, tummy aches, joint pains, cramps and unnecessary allergies will never be a problem to you. In such cases, anemia, pain in the joints and restless leg syndromes can also be prevented once and for all. Most kids are normally affected by regular colds and this is why parents are advised to include raw foods in their children’s diet. Other benefits include boosted energy, mental clarity and permanent weight loss.

Easy raw food recipes for home and work meals

A good recipe can include the Asian-style salad with sesame vinaigrette. This is similar to a chinese ramen noodle and cabbage salad but it lacks the ramen noodles. Raw shredded cabbages can also be added to the recipe, not forgetting the creamy raw mushroom soup. Cashew milk is first placed to ensure the addition of a creamy base, mushrooms and spices. 

Another fantastic option is a raw food “burrito” made out of lettuce wraps. This is not only easy to prepare, but delicious. Carob nut cookies have been a raw delicacy for a long time. These little cookies or carob snacks can be enjoyed at any time of day since they are easy to prepare especially for people who work throughout the night. 

Reasons why people struggle with Raw Foods?

It is quite unfortunate that not everyone has the physiological capability to practice raw food dieting. In as much as a vegan diet is beneficial when adopted well, a good number of people are not comfortable with it. The availability of low calorie level is a good reason for this. It is not good to assume that everyone wants or needs a low-calorie diet. For example, thin people may not gain much from such a diet. Therefore, nutritionists may recommend fat-filled raw foods like avocado, nuts and seeds.

Psychological problems hinder the adoption of this diet for most people. Those people who take raw food diets are sometimes faced with isolation and frequent speculations since this action may seem very odd. It is good to start at an early age in order to cope with the social implications while boosting your health. Additionally, allergies have always been a common concern among most consumers and that is why most people with fructose malabsorption may not be comfortable with a fruity diet. This can always be avoided by consulting a professional nutritionist to learn more about the types of raw food diets to avoid.