Is the Raw Paleo Diet Healthy?

A common misconception about paleolithic-era humans is that they sat around a fire, roasting their catch.  Fire has been part of human history since around 800,000 years ago; even so, the human species didn't discover the cooking process until approximately 100,000 years ago.  Up until that point, the meats paleolithic humans ate were raw.

Raw Paleo Diet for Paleolithic Humans

In today's society of uber-processed foods being mass-produced in factories with questionable safety practices; the thought of eating raw meat diet causes gag-reflexes when thinking about the many germs, bacteria, and possible parasites that contaminate uncooked foods.  Our ancient ancestors didn't have this problem. 

The hunter and gatherer lifestyle meant that cavemen ate only what they hunted and gathered that day.  They killed the animal, and then immediately brought it back to their group for eating.  This practice didn't allow time for food contamination. 

Raw Paleo Diet for Modern Humans

The raw meat diet for the modern human is not as safe; yet it can still be practiced if done with the utmost care.  Eating raw meat should only be done if you plan on raising and killing your own stock, otherwise you run into serious health risks should the meat contain contaminates. 

Even if you do plan on providing your own raw meat, you must only kill and prepare enough food for that meal.  Any food left out for more than three hours becomes prime breeding grounds for all kinds of nasty, microscopic buggers.  Even the practice of freezing or refrigerating meat isn't suggested due to the thawing process.  The thawing process also makes it possible for contamination to occur.

The Possible Health Risks of Eating Cooked Foods

Yes, there's a health risk associated with everything nowadays.  Cooking is said to induce lipid peroxidation, which is a process that results in cell damage and the increased production of free radicals. Most raw foodists (as they are called) assert that disease and illness weren't a problem until humans started to cook their foods.

Deciding whether or not to eat a raw paleo diet is tricky and requires further research on your part to make.  As in everything, should you decide to eat a purely raw meat diet, start by slowly phasing cooked foods out.  Your body may not be able to handle the immediate transition into a fully raw paleo diet lifestyle quite yet.  If you haven't already done so, begin first with the regular paleo diet.  This will help prep your body for the introduction of raw foods.