Making the Raw Promise

Why You Should Go Raw!

Have you ever wanted to find an easy way to eliminate virtually all your physical and mental health problems?  The prospect of such a possibility seems unreal to most people, especially because wild claims are made all the time by health marketers.  But when it comes to raw nutrition, it works for 100% of people 100% of the time.  This is because all of our digestive systems work essentially the same way; it is much easier to process raw food than cooked, and thus you are conserving a lot of energy that can go towards your immune system and other body functions instead.  

Not only that, but cooking food destroys many of the most important nutrients.  The high temperatures break the bonds that hold critical antioxidant molecules together, and that means you are missing out on a lot of things.  It's estimated that certain foods, like nuts and vegetables, can lose almost 90% of their nutritional value from cooking, or more!  Considering how important nutrition is, it makes sense to simply forego cooking things and eat them raw.  When raw dishes are prepared in the correct manner, it is simple to follow this kind of diet.

Imagine what would happen if you went on a 14-Day Raw Promise, and made a promise to yourself to only eat raw food for such a short amount of time.  It might sound difficult, but because of the great variety and amazing flavor of prepared raw food dishes, it's actually quite easy.  Others who have done a 14-Day Raw Promise have experienced incredible results, some people losing as much as seven pounds in three days!  This is all done completely naturally: No pills, harsh diets, or bone-crushing exercise.  While it helps to be active, you don't necessarily need to be.  You also don't need to limit how much you eat.  As long as you consume raw food only, you can eat as much of it as you want.  In fact, the more the better, since you are provindg your body with more of the highest quality nutrients in existence.

If you are doubtful about following through with something like this, don't be.  Many other indviduals just like you have completed a raw food program with no setbacks whatsoever, and because of their success, many continue to go on to another 14 or even 28 days!  It's that amazing, and I am certain that as more people try this, they will make the decision to go almost completely raw for the rest of their life.  The results are just that phenomenal!