Make a Real Change with Raw Food

The Power of a Raw Diet

People try all kinds of things nowadays to facilitate radical transformations in their physical and mental states.  This is understandable, as everyone would like to reach their full potential and live a long and happy life.  But to do this, you must commit yourself to living sustainably and responsibly, and that can admittedly be challenging in today's world.  But once you take the time to develop good habits within yourself, it is easy to refuse the truly destructive temptations out there, and focus on what matters.  One of the quickest and most powerful changes you can make to your life is to eat more raw food.  Ideally, you should eat a 100% raw diet, but since that is extremely difficult to achieve, you can settle for about half as much.  Even 30-50% sounds impossible to the majority of people, but once you discover how delicious and nutritious a raw lifestyle is, you will be excited about the prospect of doing something great for yourself.  You may also gain the opportunity to help many of your friends, once you act as an example of what can be achieved by simply eating right.

Why is raw food so good?  People wonder why there is so much advocate for this kind of nutrition, and the reasons are quite extensive.  Raw food contains significantly more nutrients than cooked and processed food, because the most important antioxidants get destroyed by heat.  While it is important to cook foods like meat to eliminate bacteria, this is not necessary with the likes of vegetarian foods like grains, nuts, seeds, fruits, and vegetables.  While cooking them together into exciting recipes may make it taste a little bit better, it's not worth all the nutrients you are missing out on.  Not only that, but the right kinds of raw food can be absolutely delicoius, and this makes following a raw food routine much easier.

In order to see if this is right for you, why not consider dedicating 14 days towards making a raw promise to yourself, a promise to stick with raw foods for the aforementioned amount of time.  All you need to do is eat raw food, and you'll start to feel amazing changes in your body.  If you are overweight, you will start to lose weight.  If you feel depressed, you will start to feel happy and clear minded.  This is something that you cannot pass up trying, unless you feel great and energetic all day currently.  

Even if you are perfectly healthy, it is possible to be struck by cancer and other diseases.  The only way to truly prevent these things is to eliminate as many carcinogens as possible from your life, and since cooked food is often filled with carcinogens (especially meat), it is best to avoid this.  And since the raw food lifestyle is so easy, you will not miss all the unhealthy stuff that you've given up.  That is not to say that you cannot eat certain "bad" things, for as long as your diet is primarily comprised of raw food, you will be fine.