I'm probably the one woman in the world who doesn't usually like diamond rings. I hate how expensive they all are and that everyone seems to have one. However, in 2013 this changed almost instantly with a new trend towards uncut diamond rings. Why is this popular? That's what I first thought when I saw this. The answer might be "Pinterest" since this style is on so many pins there. 

Uncut Diamond Engagement Ring

18k White Gold Natural Diamond Pave Solitaire Ring Fine Jewelry
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Raw Diamond Engagement Rings

Raw Diamond Solitaires

The cheapest place to find this is usually on etsy but Amazon has more traditional settings. However, the more I looked at it, the more I liked it. I love this so much because there is so much character here. There are so many unusual shapes. There are all sorts of discolorations and flaws. You definitely aren't going for an expensive flawless diamond look. This is about stones with character and black flecks in them that might even be a little bit cloudy. Basically everything that you wouldn't typically look for in a gemstone can be found in these rings. They also come in a lot of beautiful organic shapes which is my favorite look.

The only thing that I hated worse than a diamond ring was actually a solitaire. I like more details. However, this trend again changed it. I first saw it on Pinterest. I like how affordable it is. You will still spend a few hundred dollars on it but you might be able to get larger carat weights.

This is a style that made me fall in love with diamonds and solitaires again. It gives a more casual and affordable look to a classic gemstone. If you do want an engagement ring go for a larger carat weight. A few years ago probably this would've been scoffed at but now it's one of the bigger trends.

Uncut Diamond Ring

Get the Best Prices on Rough Uncut Diamonds

Typically diamond prices will only go so low. However, this is a case where you really wouldn't want to shop at a typical jewelry store if you could even find one of these at all. I would look at Amazon or Ebay. My favorite choice though is Etsy. This tends to be the cheapest and you support real artisans. You get a handmade ring that's just as one of a kind as the diamond itself.

You don't want to spend a ton of money on this unless it's an engagement ring. Diamonds last forever but trends don't. You may be able to find cheaper sterling silver versions or larger carat weights; both of these might not show up a lot in your price range with a larger stone. However, a diamond is a diamond and it's still quite expensive.

I still don't know if this is a durable enough style to use as an engagement ring even if you have a really unique bride. I just think that it isn't going to be classic enough. It’s a trendy piece and you should budget accordingly. Think how you'll feel in a few years with a natural diamond when big faceted cuts are popular again. I would use this for an anniversary present, or a Valentine's gift. I also like it for a right hand ring because it is so affordable.

There are ways to make this a little bit fancier. Yellow gold really contrasts against this beautifully. You can also get pave settings with “regular” faceted diamonds in it to contrast against it and really let your friends know that this look wasn’t a mistake. It was entirely intentional! However, you can also look for more of a cage style design. This has rows of diamonds on top of this to kind of look like it’s holding it in place. It can even be symbolical for both the good and bad points of a marriage.